Forgotten Treasures – Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr

When The Blair Witch came out in the theatres, it shattered a lot of horror movie conventions. It managed to scare people without actually showing anything scary onscreen; rather letting the viewer’s imagination run wild, thus scaring themselves. Blair Witch Vol. 1 Rustin Parr for the PC treats it’s players the same way, using the movie’s mood, macabre legends, and bleak appeal to scare the living hell out of them.

Hit the jump to find out more about the first volume in the Blair Witch origins game franchise.

Holliday pays a visit to that house in the woods from the end of the first movie

Set in 1941, Blair Witch Vol. 1: Rustin Parr casts players Doc Holliday, an agent of a secret government project called Spookhouse. This government agency acts like somewhat of a supernatural FBI in that agents investigate paranormal cases with high-tech equipment.  Having come in contact with multiple missing persons reports from Burkittsville, Maryland, Spookhouse sends Holliday to work undercover and investigate the town’s mysterious past.

Needless to say, this may be an assignment too hard and too frightening for Holliday. Using creepy, silent-hill type camera angles, the game surrounds the player with a seemingly unending feeling of dread. A feeling that someone, or something is waiting for him/her even though there’s nothing to be seen on screen.

Those who enter Burkittsville's deep forests can never leave

The story is thoroughly engrossing as events propel Holliday into a nightmare the film only hinted at. Even horror buffs will occasionaly find themselves thinking twice about continuing the story. Technically, the game looks okay and, considering that it was made back in 2000, it still has a Resident Evil, classic horror look that looks relatively passable for today’s standards. Scary audio effects are used to keep players on the edge of the seats the entire time as well.

Camera angles and controls definitely mire the adventure though. Instead of allowing players to use a gamepad, the developers only allowed the game to be controlled with a keyboard and mouse combination; not exactly the most effective control scheme for Resident Evil-style survival horror games.


This game might not be suitable for people that scare easily. If the movie scared the hell out of you, the game might prove to be too much. Just like the movie scared a generation form going into the forest, the game will scare you away from small midwestern towns. Once you play this, you’ll never walk alone in a forest or small town by yourself ever again.

There are three volumes in the franchise, Volume 2 focuses on the legend of Coffin Rock, and Volume 3 ends the series by providing the cursed witch’s origins.


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