Clock Tower: Remothered Preview

The original Clock Tower for the SNES brought unprecedented maturity to the system back when games were aimed at  youth. Clock Tower was a point and click adventure thats all about running away from a serial killer named Scissorman; a short, deformed man with long yellow hair and carries with him a giant pair of garden shears ready to cut the heroine in half.

One of the creepiest games ever made, the original Clock Tower, became a cult survival-horror classic. It is so good, that independent developer DARRIL Asylum has been hard at work in creating an unofficial re-make of the original.

Now titled Remothered, the re-imagining will feature the same premise of the original game, with new locations, story elements, horrific situations, and edge-of-your-seat harrowing escapes. Players will have to run, hide, and use every item available in order to survive against the murderous Scissorman.

Remothered sports an amazing, yet chillingly disturbing art-style that definitely fits the game’s tone. And like the original game, it will feature multiple endings; each depending on players decisions and actions throughout the adventure. One thing that differentiates it is the amount of gore and brutality it boasts as compared to the original. One of the gameplay sequences had Jennifer, the protagonist, slowly getting sucked into an elevator shaft as the elevator falls to its doom. Unless the player keeps Jennifer walking against the vacuum she’ll get sucked in and get literally torn to shreds in a blood-soaked way.

From the trailers and gameplay videos, the remake seems to do the original justice. From the unsettling audio/soundtrack, gothic-like art direction, and the edge-of-your-seat gameplay, ReMothered is poised to re-introduce the horror of Clock Tower to a new generation.

Check out the newest gameplay trailer from Darril Asylum.
Warning: This video contains some spoilers and is only for mature audiences.


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