Video Game Soundtracks – Electronica At The Forefront

Video Game Soundtracks – Electronica At The Forefront

Written By: Boondocks

Often in video games visual graphics engines take the spotlight. Given the recent visual triumphs of Bethesda’s’ epic Skyrim it’s not hard to see why.

Stunning environments paired with impeccable storytelling can move imaginations- as well as the money from your wallet.

But what about our other senses?

We all think visually. Our world around us is shaped by our visual perceptions. You need to be very stoned indeed to think otherwise. However, sound can be just as natural. After putting that in your pipe and smoking it, you start to realise that almost all of your favorite games had epic soundtracks. I cannot even think about Fallout 3 without hearing “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by the Ink Spots. Battlefield 3s’ heavy, high voltage opening beat is so good I wish the sequence was longer. Music is the kind of thing that hits you from the start and keeps you focused when the visual elements lose their luster in some dark dungeon or subway tunnel. It can be annoying as hell sometimes but you would end up listening to music on your laptop if it was entirely absent.

Music in video games has had such a profound effect that you can hear it in music being produced by big names in the electronic music community, such as: Bare, Excision& Datisk, Skrillex and many lesser known producers.

Skrillexs’ flagship tribute to mortal Kombat “Reptile” is a hard running, throbbing re-imagining of the character everyone loved to hate. BARE also has a cyborg like meld of his usual heavy handed sound alongside the classic mortal Kombat themeIn his 2011 release “Kombat”. Even Canadian Dub-step juggernaut Excision, on his new album X-Rated, crushes out his appropriately named 8-Bit Superhero (Featuring Datisk) in homage to the 8-bit Mega-man.

There are some artists who have even made a pretty good go of it producing tracks for YouTube. Inspired by video games, DJ Ephixia is probably the most notable of these young bucks. His major contributions from the video game world comes from his 2011 single “Turret Error” and his Zelda inspired YouTube hits “Lost in the Woods” and “Song of Storms”.

Interestingly enough, EA’s new re-discovery of “Syndicate” delivers a tailor made Skrillex track right in the trailer. Hate him, or love him, you can’t deny that Skrillex is on top of his game right now and it shows in this track. It is just as violent, dark and dystopian as the trailer itself.

It’s a trend that is exciting for the electronic music fan and the gamer. Original, tailor made tracks on video games & Classic game soundtracks reimagined by electronic music producers. Is it a good idea? Listen for yourself.

PS. Don’t feed the trolls

About Boondocks: 

Boondocks is the product of an unholy union between Cthulhu-Destroyer of worlds, and a wonderful woman named Trish. He enjoys electronic music, photography, video games, documentary film-making, war journalism and the occasional murder and consumption of internet trolls. He is a university student when he is not busy killing werewolves. Rumor has it he has two right feet and a third nipple that speaks only Portuguese. He has designs to set up a blog of his own once the time permits and all his enemies have been defeated on the field of battle.


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