Square Enix Announces “Sleeping Dogs” For PS3 and Xbox 360

Square-Enix announced earlier today that they and developer United Front Games will be bringing an open world action game that’s intense, gritty, and violent with Sleeping Dogs.

Set in Hong Kong City, Sleeping Dogs casts players as an undercover cop tasked to infiltrate and sabotage some of the most dangerous gangs and Triads in the city. Hit the jump for more info on the game.

As this is a game about a determined cop going undercover, Wei Shen (the protagonist) must face his own morality and code of honor. He gets ordered to do crimes that makes him cross the line between lawman and criminal. A gritty story full of plot twists, betrayals, and Wei Shen’s loyalty to his badge takes center stage here.

Combat is split up between intense shootouts and brutal martial arts action. Sleeping Dogs intuitive combat system allows players to perform martial arts maneuvers and takedowns against multiple opponents. And the best part? Wei Shen can use in-game world items as part of his cinematic takedowns. Pretty much every street corner, every storefront and every place in the city can suddenly become a combat zone with Wei Shen shooting at or fighting with Triad Thugs, enforcers, and even bosses.

According to Lee Singleton, general manager of Square-Enix London,

“From the moment you pick up the controller and experience the blend of driving, close combat and shooting you know you’re playing something fresh and a bit special; Sleeping Dogs has one of the best melee combat systems out there – it’s super brutal with devastating takedown moves, and when added to UFG’s proven heritage in driving games, a first class story and the vibrant backdrop of the Hong Kong underworld we get a fiery recipe with fun written all over it.”

If that wasn’t enough, let’s not forget that there’s shooting, driving (especially the white-knuckle street races), and full-on city exploration that makes Sleeping Dogs one of the open-world games to look out for later this year.

Sleeping Dogs will be available in the second half of 2012 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.


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