Play Contra Free On Your Browser

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s the action-platformer Contra ruled the home gaming market.

Sure there had been many co-op games before it, but none had the guns, the music, the addictive difficulty, and the non-stop action of Konami’s classic sidescrolling shooter. And guess what? It’s now playable (as Contra Flash) on your internet browser for free!

Hit the jump to learn about and play Contra Flash, the faithful flash recreation of the classic Konami action game.

Bill Versus The Gate of Doom

In Contra, players could choose between two of earth’s best commandos, Bill and Lance (or Arnold and Sylvester depending on your preference) on a suicide mission to thwart an alien invasion on earth. Armed with high-tech weaponry like the Rifle, Laser, Machine Gun, and the ever-powerful Spreader, the commandos go on an alien killing spree classic that’s still played on NES consoles even 30 years after the game’s original release.

While you can purchase crappy versions of this game on Xbox Live for $5 to $10, why not play it free on your browser?

Bill and Lance mowing through bad guys is home to one of the better flash recreations of the Konami classic. Contra Flash is free and can be played  by two players at the same time on the same screen. All they need is an internet browser that supports the latest Flash and a keyboard. Sure there are some minor audio issues and a little bit of lag, but those are nothing compared to the hours of fun players will have with Contra Flash.

Definitely Recommended!
(Click here play Contra Flash.)


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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Those were the good old days. Back then I thought these kind of games were amazing :).

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