Street Fighter X Tekken Vita To Have Exclusive Characters

Credit: Capcom

It looks like Street Fighter X Tekken on the Vita will not be releasing alongside the PS3 and Xbox on March 8th. However, Capcom did announce that the PlayStation Vita version of SF X Tekken will ship with an extra 12 exclusive characters when it releases this Fall.

Hit the jump to find out which characters will be added to the Vita version of SF X Tekken.

Cole MacGrath leading the exclusive character charge

Vita players can look forward to playing as popular Tekken characters like Christie, Bryan, Lars, Lei, Jack, and Christie while Street Fighter fans can play as mainstays like Guy, Cody, Elena, Blanka, Sakura, and Dudley. Let’s not forget that the Vita version will also feature Infamous hero Cole MacGrath, the iconic Pac-Man, Mega Man, as well as Japanese Capcom characters Toro and Kuro. That’s a large cast of characters for a portable fighting game.

While this is great news for Vita owners, PS3 and 360 owners may cry foul as they (as early adopters) yet again get shafted by future re-releases.

Series Producer Yoshihiro Ono didn’t have any comments on whether the extra 12 characters would be available to PS3 and 360 players as DLC, but has said that the company will add the extra characters via a separate “Complete Edition” disc like that of their more recent Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

With that in mind, are you getting Street Fighter X Tekken when it releases on March 8? Or will you wait for the “Complete Edition” disc that will be released later on?

[Via Andriasang]


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