PlayStation Vita Supports A Lot More PSP Games Than Originally Announced (Updated)

Many of you Vita owners will love this one. It seems that the PlayStation Vita is capable of playing a LOT more than the 275 PSP games that were said to be compatible with the system at launch. Even though there’s a limited amount of purchasable PSP games from the PSN Store, users have been able to play many of the games they’ve purchased in the past and that aren’t listed on the Vita PSN store at all.

Hit the jump to find out how to get these PSP games onto the Vita.

Many PSP owners like myself who’ve purchased and downloaded games from the PlayStation Network in the past have been able to install games using the Content Manager app found on the Vita. So far I’ve been able to install Guilty Gear Judgement, LittleBigPlanet PSP, Flow, and Echochrome.

To install these games, players will have to:

  1. On their PS3, go to their downloaded items list. From there, re-download the PSP Games they’ve purchased before onto their PS3 system.
  2. Once download is complete, connect the PS Vita to the PS3 using the Vita’s USB charging cable (which came with the product).
  3. Using the Vita, access the Content Manager App, click on start. Choose – Copy Content – PS3 System to PS Vita System.
  4. Choose Applications (PSP/Other) – Click on “Applications Downloaded on the PS3 System”
  5. Once there, a list of PSP Games should be listed for copying. Players can choose which ones they want copied or choose select all to copy all games to their PS Vita system.
  6. Once games are chosen, click on the “Copy” button found on the lower right of the screen.
    (Supported PSP Games will be copied to the Vita)

Stay tuned to this article in the next few days as I will update it with PSP games that are found to be compatible with the PlayStation Vita system, other than the 275 games that have been announced by Sony.

Supported PSP Games (That Aren’t On the Vita PS Store)
*Updated April 18, 2012* 

  • Activision Hits Remixed
  • Afterburner: Black Falcon
  • Brain Challenge
  • Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
  • Crystal Defenders
  • Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover
  • Echochrome
  • Echoshift
  • Everyday Shooter
  • Fate/Unlimited Codes
  • Flow
  • GTA Chinatown Wars
  • Gran Turismo PSP
  • Guilty Gear Judgement
  • GUN: Showdown
  • Killzone: Liberation
  • Lego Star Wars III
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • MediEvil: Resurrection
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • No Gravity – Plague of Mind
  • Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb Collection
  • Puzzle Quest
  • R-Type Command
  • Ratchet & Clank – Size Matters
  • Savage Moon – The Hera campaign
  • Sega Genesis Collection
  • Valkyria Chronicles II

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  1. Also Valkyria Chronicles II

  2. Stealth marketing by a $ony saint who think himself like one of “Many”

  3. I am able to play Killzone Liberation on my PSVita so that information is incorrect.

    • himdeel is correct, I was able to get Killzone Liberation working on my Vita as well. Author, please revise and edit that part out or you will mislead the readers.

    • For some reason, it doesn’t work on my Vita. However, since it works for many I will revise! Thanks for catching it!

  4. I want Alundra on the Vita and yet still cannot play it on the Vita.

  5. What about resistance retribution or parasite eve? Why are these not on either store?!

  6. Da fuq? Killzone isnt on the vita ps store…. If its on the list doesnt that mean i can find it on ps3 store…. How that incorrect!?

  7. Can someone please check the Need for speed games I mean like Carbon.

  8. I want to know if ncaa football 10 or madden 12 work.

  9. Wth man. How can Sony do this? It’s just ridonkuloidly stupid. First they remove, yes, remove HD Peacewalker from the HD collection for the Vita. [wadafeck?! who was the genius behind that idea?] then as a spit in the face of fresh owners of the vita who may not have a ps3 they make the original game only available on the vita if they transfer it from a ps3 which I repeat they may not have. friggin retarded minds at Sony, totally idiotic. Okay take out peacewalker, but at least make the friggin original game downloadable through the vita itself. what….the….fudge?!!!

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