What Does Call Of Duty Vita Need To Become A Blockbuster?

(Originally wrote and published for SonyRumors.Net)

According to Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing at Sony, Activision’s extremely popular Call of Duty is coming to the PlayStation Vita later this year.

For now, there are no definite details on its developer, its title, or if it will be a port or a brand new game. All we know so far is that the game will be a first-person shooter and will replicate the home console experience (including multiplayer) on the PlayStation handheld.

Now that we know that Activision is going to be releasing a Call of Duty title on Sony’s brand new PlayStation Vita this fall, What should the publisher do to make Call of Duty: Vita worth it’s price? We’ve made a list of features that we think Call of Duty: Vita needs to become a system-seller for the PlayStation Vita.

Hit the jump for the full list.

  • Multiplayer – Whomever is developing the game should take the time and include a fully-featured multiplayer experience like that available on consoles. Don’t skimp out on game modes, weapons, and killstreaks. If you’re going to bring Call of Duty to the Vita, might as well bring the big guns
  • Elite Compatible – With millions of players already part of the Call of Duty Elite program, it would make a lot of sense to add the COD Vita game’s stats to the subscription. Be it the free version or the premium, Vita players should be able to access Elite as an in-game or vita main screen app. This would bring a multiplayer and community focused atmosphere that the Vita would stand to gain from.
  • Touch Compatible – Being able to control killstreaks like chopper gunners, mortars, or even UAV using the Vita’s touchscreen would definitely add to the experience. Imagine being able to manipulate and customize weapon loadouts by having to touch your on-screen gun and adding accessories onto it by dragging. Kind of like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s “Gunsmith” mode but on a smaller screen.
  • Smooth, Responsive Controls – Yeah the Vita has two analog sticks, but Activision must (MUST) ensure that the controls are smooth and are as tactile as the console version. Without L2/R2 for grenades will become a problem for many COD vets and the developers have to find some way to make grenade throwing much easier for Vita players. (Perhaps use the Vita’s back touch pad as a grenade button?)
  • Communication – Because the Vita has a built-in microphone, this will require all players to use it for communication with their teams. Be it for trash-talking, griefing, cooperation, or just plain conversations, Call Of Duty: Vita should take advantage of it’s built-in mic for a better community.
  • Developer Pedigree – If you’re going to bring COD to the Vita, get your best developers working on it. Please DO NOT pass it on to a brand-new developer with no CODexperience. Basically Activision has two choices, Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games or Treyarch Studios. (I’d much rather have Treyarch working on it since I loved World at War.)
  • Character-Centered Story – The problem with Modern Warfare’s campaign is that players who haven’t played the first two games have no idea why Soap and Price were vital to the story. Not only that, but they ended up playing too many characters and too many viewpoints to actually give a crap why World War 3 was happening.  A Vita CODexperience should focus on one character or squad that’s knee-deep in either political or wartorn situations. This would help players empathize and follow the protagonists throughout the length of the adventure.
  • Despicable Antagonist(s) – As dangerous as Makarov was in Modern Warfare 3, I didn’t hate him at all. He didn’t even kill Ghost in MW2. Give us a bad guy that everyone will truly love to hate. Then we’ll give you our wallets.


What are you expecting from Activision’s first Call of Duty title for the Vita? Do you agree or disagree with our wish list? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Everything you said is a MUST except for the developer part. 3arch and iw dont work on handhelds, the last COD on PSP was developed by Amaze Ent. i dont know about the Nintendo DS.

    I’ll take a NEW STORY to campaign and Multiplayer through WiFi &3G.
    Robust MP with Weapons and Killstreaks.

    • As great as it would be to have Treyarch or IW work on the Vita COD, I highly doubt they will this year. I’d have to agree that they more than likely passed it off to a different developer. (My hope is Ready At Dawn but they’re busy with a next-gen title right now).

      Which characters (if any) would you like to return in the COD Vita story line?

  2. What would be amazing is if ps3 and ps vita owners can play online together!

    • Since cross-play will be available for many PS3/Vita titles, this may actually have a chance of happening later this year. I’ll see if I can drill Activision about this and get back to you when I can.

  3. Dame IT!! I was wishing they wouldn’t INFECT the Vita with COD garbage…don’t those ass-wipes have enough MONEY? Not to keen on getting a Vita now…COD’s will be every 6 months on the Vita!!!

  4. No we want all your money!!

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