It’s Official: Wasteland 2 Is Coming

Breaking news for old-school gamers; Brian Fargo, the CEO of inExile Entertainment has confirmed that the much-loved Wasteland will finally have a proper sequel in Wasteland 2. Inspired by Double Fine’s success with their own Kickstarter project, Fargo has decided to the same for Wasteland 2.

According to Fargo, he’s getting ready to begin the Kickstarter for Wasteland 2 by early next week; and has even finished filming their Kickstarter video for it.

So why are gamers excited for Wasteland 2? Hit the jump to find out.

Brian Fargo's tweet on the state of Wasteland 2

Wasteland was Fallout even before Fallout was ever released. Released in 1988 for the Commodore 64, DOS, and Apple II, Wasteland was a post-apocalyptic role-playing game that brought a lot of new features and game design that separated it from other rpg’s at the time. It featured a persistent world where almost all of the player’s decisions – and it’s ramifications – were stored and kept.

It also featured party members that had personality and were not your typical cannon fodder like ones found in other games during that time. Some party members even refused to perform actions or orders given to them at certain times; a feature unheard of in past games. Players were cast as desert rangers, the last remnants of the US Army after a nuclear holocaust. Players were able to recruit citizens and even deformed creatures into the rangers to help in their cause.

Wasteland has been featured in many Best PC Games and Hall-of-Fame lists since it’s release in 1988. Many gamers who’ve grown up playing through old-school PC RPG’s even hailed Wasteland as the spiritual precursor to the extremely popular Fallout series.

Check out inExile Entertainment’s website:

And follow Brian Fargo’s Twitter for more up-to-date information on Wasteland 2:!/BrianFargo

Here’s a gameplay video of the original Wasteland for Commodore 64. Check out the graphics and the amount of story – as well as player interaction with the plot – involved in this 1988 game. That’s pretty damn impressive for it’s time.


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