Preview – Batman: Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Figures From Square Enix

Ah Batman, I watched all the movies (animated and live-action), I’ve played all the games, I’ve read the comics, and I’ve had a lot of Batman action figures in my 26 years on Earth. But none of those toys, compare to the finish, articulation, and quality exuded by the Batman: Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Figures from Square Enix.

The Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai series is made up of two figures, Batman as well as Joker. Both figures have multiple points of articulation which allows for realistic poses and faithful recreations of scenes from the game, be it Arkham Asylum or Arkham City.

Find out more about the Batman: Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai figures after the break.


The Dark Knight’s suit texture, wrinkles, and accessories have been accurately created even to the smallest of details. The suit exhibits luster throughout, and recreates a stoic yet imposing look that’s unique to the Batman. Again because of the multiple points of articulation (particularly the shoulders and legs allow for wider range of motion; perfect if you’re one of those collectors that love posing your figures as they would in the game.

One of the figure’s most interesting and important features is his cape, which is made out of flexible material for various poses. Square-Enix has also included a number of accessories for the caped crusader including the Line Launcher, the Batarang, replaceable hands (for accessories and posing), and an additional cape.

BATMAN Play Arts Kai Images



The Clown Prince of Crime joins Batman in the Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum series. His figure is the total opposite of Batman’s being thin and unmistakably evil. The Joker’s eyes and huge scary smile exude insanity. All of the smallest painstaking deatails have been recreated including the messed up face pain, unruly hairstyle, and facial lines that all help recreate the Joker’s ominous presence.

This Joker figure features a worn purple striped suit, bow necktie, corsage, frill showing from his sleeves. It’s almost the same outfit that he wears in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. It even includes his favorite revolver which is part of his controversial fatality in the game. Square-Enix has also included a number of accessories for the insane clown including the Joker Teeth, the infamous revolver, and replaceable hands (for accessories and posing).

THE JOKER Play Arts Kai Images


Both Batman and Joker Play Arts Kai figures sell for $59.99 and can be purchased at the Square-Enix Online Shop.


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