More Battlefield 3 Expansions Incoming

Since its release, EA and DICE’s Battlefield 3 has amassed over 12 million players with billions of hours played online. In an ongoing commitment to bring players more ways to battle, EA is readying three more expansions DLC’s that offer new modes, weapons, maps and more starting with Close Quarters (June), Armored Kill (Fall), and End Game (Winter).

So far Battlefield 3’s first DLC pack Back to Karkand has been met with strong sales, with players eager to return to four classic Battlefield series maps re-imagined with the powerful Frostbite 2 engine. (Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula).

Learn more about the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC Packs after the break.

A before and after shot of the Ziba Tower level in Close Quarters.

Up next in June is Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, where every one of the maps feature infantry-only battles. Close Quarters aims to put players into the thick of firefights with tight level design as well as a focus on vertical gameplay. Almost everything in the environments can be shot, blown up, or destroyed, intensifying each combat situation and keeping every player on his/her toes.

Conversely, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill will focus on vehicular battles that have become Battlefield’s signature over the years. Armored Kill will feature new tanks, ATV’s, artillery, jeeps, and other vehicles. In addition, DICE has said that the included maps are going to be huge; including the biggest map in Battlefield series history. Expect all-out vehicular mayhem with Battlefield 3: Armored Kill releasing Fall 2012.

Finally, Battlefield 3: End Game is set to release in the Winter of 2012. However, EA and DICE are keeping the DLC’s information a closely guarded secret. Could it be a continuation of the single player campaign? Or could it be more co-op levels?

Anything and everything can be shot, expect little cover left by the end of the match.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3’s closest competitor releases new maps and content often as part of their Call of Duty Elite subscriptions. But DICE has a different plan for the release of DLC for BF3. When asked about the difference in delivery and timing, Patrick Bach, Executive Producer, Battlefield 3 said,

“Instead of delivering piecemeal map packs, we’re giving players a completely new experience with every themed expansion pack to keep the action fresh. Our expansions are designed to excite our large and active fan base while attracting new recruits with gameplay that is dynamic and unpredictable every time.”

What would you like to see as part of the final Battlefield 3 DLC pack? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. coop with more players .

  2. Dice i think i’m in love! You’ve done what was once thought impossible for consoled BF3 and what a hell of a rid its been so far, love thi game and will for the rest of the content experience! Looking foward to June as close combat is sweet! 🙂 Lets hope you decide to put 64 players online intergration as thats where you are losing out on more players and fans. Look forward to the coming months

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