TETRIS For Android Review

As a free downloadable title in the Android Store (soon to be renamed Google Play) EA’s TETRIS is one of the more addictive puzzle games I’ve played on my Android phone. And I’ve played a lot! There’s something about filling up every open space on the Tetris level that has me obsessing over the game.

It’s pretty much the same age-old TETRIS gameplay that you know and love, but with touch controls and a high-definition presentation. It’s also pretty sparse in regards to modes available. However, the single game mode it does offer (Marathon Mode) gives players a complete TETRIS experience on the go. 

The addictive Marathon Mode

TETRIS for Android is a single-player only game; and I think it would’ve been much better had EA added a competitive online mode or even an online leaderboard. Because let’s face it, what’s the use of getting that 150,000 or even 200,000 point streak when you can’t boast your achievement to your friends and the world.

For those used to playing Tetris on other handhelds, TETRIS Android takes a bit of time to get used to. Players wont get an on-screen directional pad and instead must use their thumbs to rotate, move, save, or drop TETRIS blocks. Every row  players complete eradicates that row and drops the rest of the puzzle down by one. Once the puzzle reaches the top, it’s game over.

Well implemented touch-screen controls


AUDIO – While I appreciate that they tried to “modernize” the original TETRIS theme, by the second game I had to turn it off since I’m not into this new version. Though I really like the game’s sound effects. Moving the blocks makes a clicking sound that – while annoying – gives players feedback for each movement. Also dropping the blocks makes a loud “thud” that accents the risky move players just made.

GRAPHICS – TETRIS for Android is a very colorful game. And it really adds to the undying youth of the TETRIS franchise. Each block has a corresponding color that helps players who love to plan ahead before making any moves. The game screen is clear and doesn’t have a lot of clutter which is great for those who get distracted easily. And I really appreciate the TETRIS shadow that tells players where their block will fall. All in all a simple yet effective graphical presentation.


+ Addictive, old-school gameplay
+ Colorful presentation
+ Fairly easy to learn touch-screen controls
+ It’s FREE


– Lack of game modes
– Annoying soundtrack
– No Online/No Leaderboards


There are times when I’m sitting in front of my PS3 and Xbox 360 and I would ignore them in favor of playing Tetris on my phone. I play marathon mode at work, at home, on the bus, at the bus stop, during dinner, during lunch, and before sleep. That says something about the TETRIS’ timeless gameplay. What stops this game from achieving mobile greatness is it’s lack of game modes, bare-bones soundtrack, and lack of online/leaderboards. Players looking for a more feature-packed TETRIS experience should get the iOS version for $0.99.


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