First Person Shooter Based On Foreign Film [REC] Brings Scares To iOS

Poster for one of the films that the game is based on.

Spanish production company Filmax recently released [REC] The Video Game for the iOS, a game based on an international horror franchise.

Already one of the most recognized Spanish film franchises, [REC] has spawned three movies with more on the way. The films have been distributed internationally and have enjoyed critical and commercial successes. Hollywood even remade the first movie and released it as “Quarantine,” which had a fairly successful theatrical and DVD run.

Learn more about the [REC] The Video Game for the iOS after the break.

[REC] captures terrifying key moments from the first two films

To those who haven’t seen or heard of [REC], the film follows a television reporter and her cameraman as they capture footage of a building quarantined by the government after an outbreak of a mysterious virus turns humans into bloodthirsty killers. It and it’s sequel are two excellent “found footage” films in the same vein as Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield.

[REC] The Video Game is a first person shooter that casts players as the protagonists Angela Vidal [REC] and a G.E.O.S Soldier [REC 2] and tasks them of surviving the outbreak and discover the mystery behind the virus. Players must use whatever melee weapons and firearms they can procure to defend themselves against the infected.

As Angela or the G.E.O.S. soldier, players must use their wits and weapons to survive the infected onslaught.

[REC] The Video Game was developed using Unity3d Technology, a game engine utilized by several developers to create games on multiple consoles and mobile platforms. This 3D engine allowed the developers to reproduce key locations from the films realistically. Using dynamic lighting, 3D sound design, and a unique art direction, the game aims to immerse players this terrifying survival horror experience.

Check out the game trailer then get the game from the iTunes App Store.


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