God Of War: Ascension Leaked Before Sony’s Official Announcement

The trailer and some art assets were leaked earlier today that proves that there is a new God of War title incoming; And it’s called God of War: Ascension.

For the last few days, the gaming community have been rife with speculation on Sony’s upcoming major game announcement. A lot of people thought “New God of War” while others have said “new Heavely Sword” since Sony’s teaser poster had text and graphics that looked close to both games (exclusive-PS3 titles).

*UPDATE 04/19/12* Because of the leak, Sony was forced to officially announce the game today.

Watch the leaked God of War: Ascension trailer after the break.

In the trailer, the narrator tells us that this is Kratos’ story before the Ghost of Sparta days, before Chains of Olympus, and before he made that life-ending, adventure-starting deal with the God of War. It looks like the game is set to be as bloody and as gory as its predecessors and will likely be another visual powerhouse.

There’s no word on whether the game will be on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out.

Do you think there have been too many God of War titles in such a short time? Let us know what you think of this leaked game trailer in the comment section below.

[Source: Kotaku]


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