The Top iOS Games That Should Be On The PlayStation Vita

The Vita’s been out for a few months now and with it came a slew of good games. (Note that I said good, not great.) Aside from UnchartedSuper Stardust, and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I haven’t even touched my other Vita titles. In fact, as bad as it sounds, my PlayStation Vita has actually been gathering dust in the corner because of the lack of games that keep me coming back to the system.

These days I travel a lot, and I actually find myself playing portable games on my iPod Touch more often than the Vita. Why? Because the games available on the iOS are truly built for on-the-go gaming; they’re cheaper and they’re actually a lot more fun. Sure the touch-screen controls can be hit or miss, but it’s the gameplay, creativity (or fun factor), and the lower price-point that keep me coming back for more.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of iOS games that I would love to play on the PlayStation Vita.

HD Survival Horror on the Vita? Yes please.


Dead Space on iOS pushes the graphical capabilities of most devices. Not only that, but EA has managed to replicate the gameplay, environments, and atmosphere of the console versions. It’s also a blast to play with intuitive touch-screen controls, inventive HUD system, and edge-of-your-seat thrills and chills. Can you imagine playing that on your PlayStation Vita? The Vita’s dual analog sticks will definitely provide more responsive controls as compared to the iOS touch screen (or EA Games could offer both control schemes). Lastly, Dead Space on the Vita would look much better and wouldn’t even tax system resources due to the handheld’s more powerful graphical capabilities.

Every other phone and device have them, Vita should too.


The PlayStation 3 has it, the PSP has it, hell the Xperia Play has it too. So why isn’t Angry Birdsavailable for the Vita? This seems like a no-brainer to most gamers, but for some reason, Sony has yet to include the Vita as a playable platform for the popular game. Because of the Vita’s larger screen, the game would have an HD output (comparable to the PS3 version) with the addition of touch-screen controls and perhaps even online always-connected online leaderboards. And with Angry Birds Space now out for the iOS and Android, it would be a perfect addition to the Vita library. It would help entice a lot more casual players to pick up a Vita.

Chair Entertainment’s hack-and-slash portable epic would be a great fit in the Vita library.


Chair Entertainment’s hack & slasher has met with critical and commercial success since its release on the iOS. Many even consider both games as the best iOS has to offer. Like a cross between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, Infinity Blade’s genius stems from its addictive battle, leveling, and loot system. Like MMORPG’s, the game has sucked up thousands of game hours because either the player loves getting stronger armor and items, or he/she is leveling up incessantly in order to defeat that seemingly unstoppable boss. (That pretty much has killed me hundreds of times.)

Infinity Blade on the Vita seems like a great addition to me. The Vita’s bigger screen, the more responsive touch-screen, really lend themselves to a game like this. And for the price of $6.99 (Sony would be crazy to sell it for more) Infinity Blade would heat up PSN charts within a week of its release, if it ever happens.

Resident Evil 4 HD should be available for the Vita


Isn’t Resident Evil 4 available on every system known to man? The Vita’s dual stick controls would work perfectly with RE4‘s stop, aim, and shoot third person gameplay. As well, we all know that the Vita can handle perhaps even the HD version of Resident Evil 4 that came out for the PS3 some time ago. Capcom realized it had a treasure in it’s hands with Resident Evil 4 and basically released it on multiple consoles. I’m just wondering why they haven’t released it on the Vita yet. Makes you wonder why they’re holding off on it and if they’re working on a Vita-exclusive Resident Evil title.

Vita Paint Park, eat your heart out!


As great as the Vita’s Paint Park is, it’s definitely not as fully-featured compared to the iOS’ ultra-popular Draw Something. One could argue that this is more of an app than a game, but with two players guessing each others drawings, I’d have to call this one interactive fun. The Vita would actually be a great device for an HD-version of the popular Draw Something.

Not only that, the handheld’s precise touch-screen controls, bigger screen, and constant connectivity would be the perfect canvas for digital artists all over the world. Add unlockable trophies, custom soundtracks, and online multiplayer features and Sony’s got themselves a license to print (or paint) money.

Minecraft on the go? On my Vita? Why the hell not!


Minecraft on-the-go? That’s as natural as carrying your wallet and money with you whenever you leave the house. So why hasn’t Sony licensed it for the PS Vita yet? Sony has a knack for releasing games that allow its users to create. build. play. (LittleBigPlanet and Modnation Racers) so it’s just natural that they should release Minecraft – Pocket for the Vita. Again, the handheld’s constant connectivity, bigger screen, and processing power make it a great combination for a successful Minecraft port. It would also bring together an online gaming community that’s not as close as it should be. As well, being able to “transfar” creations from PC, to Vita, to the PS3 would make this one a really tempting purchase for those who love to build interactive and fun worlds.

Fallen Nation will bring hardcore FPS action to the Vita.


Alright, while we’re waiting for Call of Duty Vita to be released, why can’t we have one of the best portable first person shooters on the Vita? Many have called Gameloft’s Modern Combat series a rip-off of the Modern Warfare franchise, but in reality, the publisher has carved themselves a large audience who love the hardcore FPS gameplay on their portable devices. Since most people can’t get their Modern Warfare fix on-the-go, they turn to Modern Combat.

It’s the best and most realistic smartphone FPS series with high intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players. And it should damn well be on the Vita. With twin-stick controls and enough buttons + touch screen capabilities, Modern Combat 3 HD on the Vita would sell like hotcakes. And at a standard Gameloft price point of $6.99, it’s a lot of bang for our bucks.

PSN actually has seen a Modern Combat released on it last year called Modern Combat: Domination. It was a multiplayer only PS3-exclusive game that was part CounterStrike and part Modern Warfare. It would be a great addition to the Vita as well with its cheaper price tag and dedicated community.

*I originally wrote and published this article for SonyRumors.Net


What iOS games would you like to see on the PlayStation Vita?


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  1. Sony’s biggest problem is the lack of software and Nintendo’s iron fist grip on the handheld industry. Honestly Sony needs exclusives a lot more and they can’t lose third parties. Now I’m not sure I’d even buy a Vita if it had the following titles but the console would look for much more appealing.
    God of War:A
    Call Of Duty ( Exclusive Vita version)
    Monster Hunter 4 (nabbed from Nintendo)
    Gran Turismo Vita
    Playstation All Stars Battle Royal
    Final Fantasy (exclusive)
    GTA5 with added Vita exclusive content

    Those are bare necessities for Sony, on top of the already announced line up. Ports of most major PS3 titles could help as well.

    The business model of taking your PS3 game on the go is only good if your buying a single copy. Customers rarely want to buy two copies of the exact same game to take on the go.

    Exclusive content first and third party sells hardware. Downloadable titles like Angry Birds, Infinity Blade and cut the rope. These titles could help Sony.

    But even the entire iOS library couldn’t sell enough Vita’s to beat Nintendo. Sony needs console level quality software. Sony needs every franchise that Sony is known for. They need exclusive software or content for non-exclusive software.

    I need a reason to play my Vita over my PS3! Then a reason to play Vita over 3DS and Android! A reason to pay nearly 100$ more then my 3DS. Unfortunately hardware even as amazing as Vita’s is does not sell without solid exclusive content.

  2. PSVITA owner

    I think that the mistake with the VITA, is the same mistake that Sony made with PSP.
    Isan’t the lack of support, is the lack of the RIGH suppot. Where’s the Naughtydog’s game for vita? Santa Monica? Media Molecule? Polyphony (this dev still exist?)… We only see
    the “second” class teams of Sony announcing games for VITA…

    Who are making Resistance for VITA? Nihilistic? The creators of Conan? meh..
    Uncharted? Beng Studio … Beng who?

    I’m not saying that this devs are the worst in the world, but, how we can believe on
    a system, that your own creator don’t believe?

    We want the first class teams on board…


    “””Make Believe”””

    M.A.KE B.E.L.I.E.V.E

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