First Thoughts: Dragon’s Dogma

Released after Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Dragon’s Dogma falls squarely between the two in style and gameplay without achieving the initial awe of either.

Hack and slash and slash and hack. Whether slicing away with light attacks or hammering with heavy, it all feels the same. Hopefully the full game offers a selection of special moves and combos that break up the monotony of battle.

Not to say that there isn’t some niftyness to be found in a Dragon’s Dogma fight. When fighting some of the larger monsters that step straight from the pages of Mythology A to Z, you can grab hold and crawl towards those sweet, out of reach stabable spots. Hitting a flying creature with a fireball sets it on fire and brings it crashing to the ground. Bits of bosses can be cut off, making the fight easier.

And last but certainly my favourite has to do with the man sized creatures, you and your minions can grab hold of an enemy, making it an easy target for someone else on your team. I may have also grabbed and used one of my own minions as a meat shield at some point, a tactic that may offer some amusement to those playing a more sociopathic character.

There were a couple little bits of weirdness that jumped out while playing the demo. You can nickname yourself and minion after characters from various Capcom franchises. M. Bison for example is certainly a name that inspires trust, someone I’d want to have at my back when fighting something as nasty as the Chimera.

The character creator offers a surprisingly robust selection of body types ranging from standard adventurer to obese giant to starving child. What felt really odd here was how the rest of the game seems to fit together visually and audibly yet the designers felt the need to have smooth jazz playing while choosing who you’re going to be playing.

The demo for Dragon’s Dogma offered up a few interesting items and a certainly hope the full meal deal has more to offer. If you’re still feeling like you need a fantasy fix, this is probably a title for you.


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