The Skyrim Sweet Roll

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings, they say, so when I get too bored I turn to one of my many hobbies to keep me occupied. This time, I combined two of them: video games and baking. Of course, why not make it to look like food from the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Behold the Skyrim Sweet Roll!

I loosely based my version on Bethesda’s role-playing masterpiece as well as the Geeky Chef version in which she had the genius idea of baking it in a pyrex measuring cup to get the distinctive shape without having to find some weird specialty cake pan, so kudos to her. Unfortunately I tend to customize things as I go so I don’t have my exact measurements, but I can tell you I increased the milk by quite a bit.

So if you try to make these, do it as it says, and then add milk bit by bit until you get a runny mixture if you want to do it my way. I also increased the cinnamon, because I love cinnamon, and I added cloves for some more zing.

My icing was pretty runny, too, so you could definitely decrease the milk in the icing recipe if you want it a little fluffier and prettier. But when it’s thin it soaks into the cake, which is delicious, so really either way is good.

I recommend enjoying these with a friend, because they’re very dense and very filling. Or bring them to a party, and you’ll be the toast of it!

About Kirsten Grove-White:

Kirsten is studying biology at university currently, but has studied music extensively for most of her life. She has won awards in musicology/music history and performance in both piano and voice. She was also a choral scholar for four years, studying and performing primarily medieval church music. She was introduced to video games as a little girl by her grandfather (weird, right?) and has fought her older sister for controller time ever since. She has a particular passion for video game music, naturally, and is vocal in the fact that she believes it’s some of the best modern music out there and is grossly underrated.


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