Kill By Choice – Hitman: Absolution Preview

Having been out of the gaming spotlight for the last seven years, Agent 47 is getting ready for a cinematic, violent, and bloody return to form in Hitman Absolution for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Showcasing IO Interactive’s new graphical engine (codenamed Glacier 2) the developers built the game from scratch. There are no re-used game assets to be found here. It will also feature a brand new and unique art direction and game design that will surprise and delight Hitman fans. It’s going to be a combination of the classic Hitman gameplay style with new features that will definitely take the franchise into the new generation. 

One of the most ambitious games ever done by Developer IO Interactive, Hitman: Absolution casts players once again as Agent 47 as he gets involved in a conspiracy that will test his resolve and will  to survive. Already betreyed by his once trusted friend and now hunted by the authorities, Agent 47 must use all of his skills, tools, and smarts in order to stay alive long enough through corrupt and twisted societies to execute his most dangerous target; Diana Burnwood.

Kill by Choice

The biggest and most important part of the Hitman franchise has been the freedom players are allowed to assassinate their targets. And because of the new technology behind the game, IO Interactive has intensified every aspect and detail of each mission and increased the number different ways players can go about taking out their target. This means greater options on weapons, events, items, and even disguises that Agent 47 can utilize for exciting ways to kill. Not only that, the greater amount of choice also brings about greater amount of replayability to each level, making every playthrough different depending on players’ decisions.

Killer AI

IO Interactive’s new technology also allows for a more dynamic AI spectrum. Players can now avoid that trial-and-error play from the older games in the franchise and are now rewarded for experimenting with different ways to play each mission. AI’s reactions to player choices and actions are much clearer in Absolution and react realistically to each and every move the player makes.

Kill By Instinct

One of the game’s newer features, Instinct is an umbrella feature that covers multiple new abilities in 47’s arsenal. Think of it as a combination of Sam Fisher’s (Splinter Cell) abilities and Batman’s (Arkham City) detective mode. Because of 47’s years of training and experience, he can predict enemy locations and patterns as well as see them through walls through his minds eye. (Think visualization and you get the idea.)

47 can also take disguises to blend into the environments and enemies by trying to fool them into thinking that he’s one of them. There are times in disguise mode that enemies will notice 47 as he passes by them, time slows down and 47 must do an action that makes them believe that he’s not a danger. This includes actions like eating donuts in front of other police, saluting when saluted at, and other things.

Kill By Trade

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Hitman game without Agent 47’s signature suit, fiber-wire, and Silverballers. In fact, IO Interactive has even added new ways for 47 to kill his targets even without his trusty weapons. He’ll be able to pick up electric wires and use those as a replacement for the fiber-wire. He’ll also be able to use weapons found all over each levels like axes, syringes, firearms, knives and other deadly tools of his trade.

Hitman Absolution takes the classic gameplay and adds a number of new additions, technology, and gameplay features that really helps set it apart in a crowded marketplace. The move to a more cinematic gameplay and setpieces also help bring in more potential fans that are looking for more story-based games along with the traditional Hitman fans.

Hitman: Absolution is coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime in 2012.


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  1. This game cannot come out soon enough.

  2. super excited for this one. i loved all the previous hitman games. this one seems to be scaling back the crazy difficulty a bit with some of the new features. the hitman games have always been a really “trial & error” kind of game for me at least.

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