Microsoft Details Xbox Smart Glass

We’ve been hearing about rumors/bits and pieces on it the last few days, but Microsoft (at their E3 press briefing earlier today) finally detailed their upcoming cross-platform media sharing solution called Xbox Smart Glass.

It’s an important step that Microsoft is willing to gamble on to ensure that the Xbox 360 becomes the multimedia entertainment system hub.

Learn more about the Xbox Smart Glass after the break.

Microsoft demoed exactly how Xbox Smart Glass will give users more control over their entertainment as well as the ability to share videos, music, and other media across devices.

For example: there’s the companion content features that really excite me. Microsoft used a episode of “Game of Thrones” to show what the solution can do. Smartglass allows users to watch the show on their tablet or phone, pause it, continue watching it on their Xbox 360 whilst using the Smart Glass-enabled device to act as a full-on interactive map of Westeros and allows players to follow in the footsteps of their favorite character from the show.

Another example is when switching from device to Xb0x 360, the movie will play on the console, while the Smart Glass-enabled device shows IMDB-type movie information, backstage info, and character information.

And let’s not forget, Xbox 360 is first and forermost a game console so there are plans to integrate Xbox Smart Glass into future games. One example used was for a future Madden title. Players playing the game on their Xbox would be able to use the Smart Glass-enabled device as kind of a makeshift WiiU controller where they can coordinate and plan tactics and plays on the field in real time.

Microsoft is also looking at making Xbox Smart Glass a part of the upcoming HALO 4 experience using the HALO Waypoint app that will allow players to access ongoing multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 using their Smart Glass-enabled devices.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Smart Glass will be available for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android and is coming later this year.

What excites you about Microsoft’s Xbox Smart Glass? Let us know in the comment section below.


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