Splinter Cell: Blacklist Coming To Xbox 360

Ubisoft Toronto announced Splinter Cell: Blacklist at the Micrsoft E3 briefing earlier today. It’s a melding of Splinter Cell game design from Chaos Theory, Double Agent, and Conviction. In a way, it’s a return to the classic Splinter Cell gameplay but with brand-new features that allow players to really feel like they’re the ultimate spy: Sam Fisher.

Learn more about the new features and story in Splinter Cell: Blacklist after the break.

This new Splinter Cell title continues Sam Fisher’s adventures after Conviction. He is now the leader of Fourth Echelon and must uncover the sinister plans of the mysterious Blacklist organization.

Instead of taking up an office, Sam takes to the field and hunts down bad guys (with the help of Anna Grimsdottir, his former Third Echelon liasion) using the mark-and-shoot mechanic popularized in Conviction. This time though, Sam can perform these executions while on the move. And since Sam’s animations have been vastly improved since the last game, movement, executions and general gameplay now look natural and has a realistic flow to it; it definitely looks less of a game and less robotic.

Fisher dons his classic insertion uniform and goggles in Blacklist

Because Fisher has all of Fourth Echelon at his disposal, players can now call on support during missions. For example, Fisher can now call in air strikes in the heat of battle, taking out his opposition safely from cover.

On the technical side, the game looks fantastic, though I didn’t hear Michael Ironside voicing Sam Fisher this time. Here’s hoping Ironside signs on to reprise his role. As well, like most new 360 games, Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have Kinect integration (using players voice to call out guards).

Finally, Ubisoft Toronto did say that Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have the traditional single-player campaign, multiplayer co-op, and the oft-requested Spy vs. Mercenary versus mode.

No release dates have been announced so stay tuned to JTM for more details as they come.


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