DICE And EA Announce Battlefield 3: Premium

Great news for Battlefield 3 fans, DICE and EA have recently announced their new DLC collection package called Battlefield 3: Premium. This new premium package gives players access to all five Battlefield 3 expansion packs, weapons, vehicles, customization, features and game modes.

As well, becoming a BF3 premium owner provides access to exclusive online double XP events as well as insider tactics about maps, modes, and gameplay direct from DICE.

Learn more about Battlefield 3: Premium after the break.

The biggest and most important part of BF3 Premium is that it gives players access to five uniquely themed expansion packs and exclusive content at a cheaper price.

The Expansion packs include:

  • Back to Karkand – 4 classic BF maps remastered for BF3.
  • Close Quarters – Infantry combat in tight indoor environments.
  • Armored Kill – Featuring new vehicles, and the biggest maps in Battlefield history.
  • Aftermath – Classified Intel
  • Endgame – Classified Intel

In addition to the expansion packs, BF3 Premium owners will get access to exclusive in-game items like the ACB-90 knife, soldier and wepaon camos, as well as rare dog tags that add to player’s customization options.

If that wasn’t enough, Battlefield 3 Premium owners will get the chance to reset their stats and start fresh, get priority when getting into game servers, and additional decals for emblems.

Altogether, players will get:

  • 20 new maps
  • 20 new weapons
  • 10 new vehicles
  • 2 weeks early access to expansion pack releases
  • 4 new game modes
  • Exclusive dog tags, camos, and customization options

That’s a lot of content for $49.99! Basically, players get savings of $75 when they get Battlefield 3 Premium. And guess what?

It’s available for purchase now. PS3 owners who buy it starting today will get instant access to the Close Quarters expansion pack two weeks earlier than everyone else.


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