EA Introduces Co-Op Campaign In Dead Space 3

Canadian developer Visceral Games showed gamers a glimpse of the action-packed co-op campaign for Dead Space 3 at the EA E3 press briefing yesterday. Featuring the returning Isaac Clarke and brand-new protagonist John Carver, Dead Space 3 will have players surviving against the deadly environments and necromorphs as a team online and off.

Learn more about new character John Carver and Dead Space 3‘s co-op campaign after the break.

While Isaac was a systems engineer with Necromorph killing experience, John Carver is a merciless soldier that’s willing to kill (in cold-blood) for a cause.

As the two heroes investigate the source of the Necromorph outbreak, their ship crash-lands on the planet Tau Volantis, where the two must traverse through deadly envoironments, scavenge materials for equipment, and find the key to ending the Necromorph there and then.Speaking of scavenging equipment, Isaac and John need these raw materials and scavenged parts to create better weapons and items.

In addition to facing environmental dangers like avalanches, wilderness, and local dangers, Isaac and John will have to fight to survive against evolved versions of the evil Necromorphs as well as other humans in devastating gun fights.

Expect brutal gun battles against adaptive human enemies as well as various forms of Necromorph including massive monsters that act as boss battles.

Dead Space 3 Features Include

  • Full playable drop-in/drop-out online campaign for co-op or single player.
  • New location that offers different experiences (including underworld cities, frozen terrains, abandoned human encampments) with side-missions with lots of items to collect.
  • Finally discover the Necromorph source and stop it forever.

Are you excited about the brand-new co-op campaign in Dead Space 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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