Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Preview – Includes New “Battle Tap” Controls

Coming Fall of 2012, Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation Vita is looking like the definitive version of the game. SF X Tekken on the Vita expands on the console versions while adding a host of extra modes, characters, levels, unlockable content, and even it’s own unique touch-screen control support.

With SF X Tekken, Street Fighter and Tekken fans can now take their fight on the go. Players have the option of either playing the competitive and co-op fighter locally or with other players using 3G or Wi-Fi.

Find out more about Street Fighter X Tekken (Vita) after the break.

New additions Cody, Jack, and more join the 43 other SF X Tekken characters.

Hell, players can choose from large pool of characters from the storied Tekken and Street Fighter franchises. That’s more characters than most fighting games on console and on handhelds.

As we’ve reported before, Street Fighter X Tekken (Vita) will ship with 55 playable characters from the get go. That’s the 43 original characters from the PS3 version along with 12 brand-new ones including Blanka, Guy, Bryan Fury, Lei Wulong, and many more. Also, because this is on a PlayStation handheld, the Vita version will also feature Infamous hero Cole MacGrath, the iconic Pac-Man, Mega Man, as well as Japanese Capcom characters/Mascots Toro and Kuro.

*Side Note* Capcom has mentioned that Players who already own the PS3 version and chooses to pick up the Vita version as well will receive the additional 12 characters as free DLC.

Everything you loved about the console version, now with extra awesome.

In addition to that, PS3 players can battle it out with Vita players using the much-touted Cross-Platform game mode. SF X Tekken on the Vita uses the same game engine and code so getting into a match with a PS3 player is just a matter of choice. We’ll see how this feature turns out once the game releases.

Oh and players need not fret if they’ve already purchased DLC and for their PS3 version of SF X Tekken as the Vita version allows for Data Sharing with the PS3. That means all the DLC’s players purchased on the PS3 version can be used on the Vita version. Save files and customized characters can also be transferred back and forth between the two systems, perfect for those long business trips away from the PS3.

On the control side, it’s pretty much identical between the Vita and PS3 versions, except that the Vita also features a fully customizable touch-screen control scheme called “Battle Tap.” Basically Battle Tap allows players to input touch-screen specific parts of their 5″ OLED screen and program them to do specific moves at the touch of the button.

Check out the included video for a closer look at “Battle Tap” controls for Street Fighter X Tekken Vita:

While we’re on the subject of Vita-specific features, SF X Tekken on the Vita also makes use of the handheld’s camera and rear touch functionalities. As well, Capcom has said that they’ve got plans on further expanding player experience outside of the game using the Vita’s NEAR app.

What Street Fighter X Tekken Vita features or game modes are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment section below!


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