Watch Dogs Screenshots Feature Next Gen Sandbox Action

Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs live demo at E3 2012 came as a surprise to most of the gaming industry. While many came into the press conference ready to cover the upcoming sure fire mega-blockbuster Assassin’s Creed III, many more were blown away by Watch Dogs‘ gameplay demo. It was interactive, open-world, cyber-punk, hacking action that featured graphics that many consider as next-generation.

If you’re as excited about Watch Dogs as I am, you’ll appreciate the screenshots that we’ve got after the break. 

Watch Dogs features spectacular gun fights and action sequences.

Set in the near-future where everyone and everything is connected through the networked world, hackers now have the power to control and influence technology that’s connected to the internet. The player will have to gather data on people through their digital footprints and gain the whereabouts of their target. Once found, players can then control stoplights, phones, and other technology to get closer to their intended targets for brutal gun fights and action sequences.

Since it’s an open-world game, players can drive cars, go into buildings, interact with the people of the near-future Chicago, and explore the city to do missions and whatnot at their own time.

Watch Dogs was like Grand Theft AutoHitmanAssassin’s CreedUncharted, and the unreleased third-person shooter Eight Days rolled into one. And to tell the truth, that’s a combination that I’d gladly play any day of the week.

What’s more exciting is that Ubisoft Montreal has confirmed that Watch Dogs is coming to PC’s and consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, and perhaps Wii-U) next year.

Anyway, onto the promised screenshots!

What are your guys’ thoughts on Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs? Let us know in the comment section below!


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