High Moon Studios Developing Deadpool Game For 2013

“Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! Suck it Wolverine.” – Deadpool

It’s about damn time!

At their San Diego Comic-Con panel, High Moon Studios recently held a panel announcing that they are developing a Deadpool game set to be released in 2013. Actually scratch that, their panel was interrupted by everyone’s fan-favorite Marvel Merc With A Mouth where he revealed the super-secret trailer to his game.

And what an announcement trailer it was. Learn more about the Deadpool game and check out the trailer after the break.

You better call Deadpool. Serious, you better call him or else.

As you’ll see in the trailer below, this is no Teen rated superhero game. Just like Activision’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine game from a few years ago, Deadpool is a full-on Mature-rated title. That means players can expect crude language, sexual situations, ultraviolence (including decapitations, bloody gunshot wounds, and human chunks from explosions), and a healthy dose of Wolverine jokes.

Hell, because it’s Deadpool, players can expect a lot of his funny inner monologue panels; you know, the yellow thought bubbles where Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, often talking to the players with oftentimes sarcastic remarks. It’s also worth noting that Nolan North (Voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted) is voicing Deadpool. This isn’t much of a surprise since North has portrayed Deadpool in many of his cartoon and videogame outings.

We’ll definitely keep you guys updated when we receive more news about the upcoming Deadpool game. For now, check out the game’s announcement trailer and see the Merc for yourself.

Do you think High Moon Studios can successfully translate Deadpool into the videogame form? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

(Source: Gamespot)


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