EA Canada To Develop EA’s First UFC Game

Electronic Arts recently announced that EA Canada, the developers of the Fight Night series is set to develop EA’s first UFC Game. THIS IS HUGE! The Fight Night franchise has always brought the most realistic and full-featured boxing gameplay in recent memory. So the developer’s experience, as well as EA’s well developed ground game from EA Sports MMA should make for a great base for the upcoming UFC game.

Hit the jump to find out more about EA Canada and UFC.

The license aquisition between EA and UFC is for a multi-year, multi-product deal that will ensure that just like THQ before them, the UFC is in great hands. Don’t believe me? Just look at how much the Fight Night series has evolved since it’s beginnings as Knockout Kings back in the original PS1. Fight Night has been known for it’s realistic graphics, realistic animations, and brutal fight system that made the series an instant hit with fight fans. The most recent Fight Night Champion even featured a cinematic singleplayer campaign that drew even the most casual boxing fans into the game.

Realistic physics, animations, and graphics made Fight Night an instant hit with fight fans worldwide.

Can you imagine something like that for EA UFC‘s singleplayer campaign? Starring Anderson Silva as the protagonist and Chael Sonnen as the antagonist? Or how about recreating the dramatic Liddell vs. Ortiz/Liddell vs. Couture rivalry? The UFC and it’s fighters have storied backgrounds that the developers can get inspiration from for the campaign thats for damn sure.

And the fact that the developers are huge fight fans? Icing on the cake. EA Sports Creative Director Brian Hayes even admitted that he grew up watching the UFC on a recent EA Sports news post.

“For me personally, the UFC is something that I grew up with. I remember watching the first UFC events when I was a teenager and it’s amazing to see how they have evolved and flourished. Ultimately, we’re huge fans, we think we have a great team and we are really excited to be taking on this new challenge. We look forward to bringing the UFC video game experience to new heights.”

EA Sports’ experience with MMA games will definitely ensure great standup and ground game in the upcoming EA UFC game.

I was one of those people that jumped out of their seats and went crazy (in a good way) when UFC President announced that EA Games had acquired the MMA organization’s license. Having loved both the Fight Night series of games as well as EA Sports MMA (especially the ground game and transitions – god how intuitive their system was!) I’m damn confident that the license is in great hands.

There’s no word on when the EA UFC game will be released, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out.


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  1. i was super stoked to hear about this too! the only real problem i had with EA mma was the animations looking a little wonky when you through high kicks and some other strikes but i much prefer the ground game compared to thq’s take on it.

    • Sorry for the late reply Nick!
      Yeah EA MMA had some animations that we’re wonky from time to time. But I’m with you on the ground game. Definitely deeper, transitions felt more natural and worked well with the control scheme.

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