JTM “Enter The Metro” Contest – Win A Copy Of Metro 2033 For Xbox 360

*This Competition Is Now Closed.*

This Week’s Winner is: Reynaldo Rosa!

We’re happy to announce that starting this week, JTM Games (in conjunction with THQ) will be starting the weekly JTM “Enter The Metro” Contest. In anticipation of next year’s release of Metro: Last Light, we’ve teamed up with THQ to give away Metro goodies weekly.

This week’s prize is a digital-download copy of the cult FPS hit Metro 2033 for the Xbox 360!

Find out how to enter the competition after the break.

*This week’s contest is open to US and Canadian residents only*

All you need to do to enter the competition is to subscribe to JTM Games (you’ll find the subscribe button on the right hand menu of the site), then tell us why you loved Metro 2033 and why you’re excited for Metro: Last Light in the comment section below.

Easy enough right? 

One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Good luck to all participants!

Terms & Conditions


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  1. The atmosphere of this game is amazing and I cannot wait until I get back with last light.

  2. The game is amazing. The story makes you feel for the charecters and there struggle.

  3. The game makes you feel for the charecters and there stuggle for survive. It’s an amazing game.

  4. Never got the chance to play it the first time around, but am a fan of dark gritty apocalyptic games like Fallout. Playing the original would most likely lead me into buying the new one, especially if it’s as good as it looks.

  5. Saw the E3 demo of Last Light and thought the timer/mask/o2 was an interesting element. Never got the chance to play it the first time around, but am a fan of dark gritty apocalyptic games like Fallout. Playing the original would most likely lead me into buying the new one, especially if it’s as good as it looks.

  6. The game was amazing in both story and graphics. No words can truly express how amazing this title is. And truth be told it gave Killzone 1&2 a run for its money. The Last Light looks down right breath taking! And i cant wait to get my hands on that!

  7. Metro is an amazing game in both Story and Graphics. The atmosphere was dark and gritty more so when you ventured top side. The struggle to survive was an adrenalin rush more so when at time you start to run out of filters for your gasmask. Most of the times i found myself rushing through the areas trying to to get to a safe place due to the hazardous environment. The game is just great. And i cant wait for Last Light. Last Light look incredible! No words can express how awesome it looks!

  8. Metro 2033 captures a dystopian future perfectly. Dark, bleak and hopelessness are key elements in the game. The use of ammunition as currency was perfect and made sense in the world that they lived in. As someone who had to use a gas mask almost daily I am very well of the claustrophobic feeling that one gets while wearing it and it was captures and presented to the users accurately.

    I’m excited for Last Light because I hope it’ll bring more attention to the Metro 2033 series, a series that deserved a sequel which is rare in todays market.

  9. Metro 2033 has everything I like – a good story, a well-realized world, and decent game mechanics. I don’t go in for most modern shooters (ie. COD, Halo, etc.) so this was a breath of fresh air. Very much looking for Last Light to continue the story, and from what I’ve seen in the demo reviews, it’s going to be an improvement in just about every way.

  10. I loved the story and setting of Metro 2033 but sadly it broke before I could beat it but Metro: Last Light looks 100x better.

  11. The whole post apocalyptic, and nuclear winter setting was an amazing break from other post apocalyptic desert settings. The story behind the game itself was defiantly well done. The game really made it seem like you were there as artyom fighting for survival. The characters each had a story and a reason to fight, like Kahn he strove for spiritual morals and to live for his fallen comrades. And unlike a certain other post apocalyptic game this one never crashed on me nor had game breaking bugs.

  12. I loved the above ground areas and how your needed to replace filter canisters plus if you toke damage your mask would start to crack

  13. Not a better atmospheric shooter out there, have been waiting for the sequel anxiously!

  14. Metro 2033 was an incredible game with fantastic graphics, story, and, most importantly, atmosphere. Unlike many of the conventional modern shooters, Metro felt fresh, and the use of unique guns, sounds, and currency system all helped to further immerse the player into the world. It was a great blend of the survival horror and post-apocalyptic genres; consequently, this game felt unique and fresh every step of the way. The use of the gas mask was brilliant and added to the intensity, making you feel as if it was really you in that situation. I have only played the game at friend’s houses, but it quickly got me hooked and enraptured me in its creative genius!
    I am excited for Metro: Last Light primarily because I feel it will give the creators more ability to expand on the Metro universe now that they have a larger budget. Also, it will hopefully help to promote more innovation in the gaming industry and begin to promote original and creative titles that don’t just feel like CoD remakes. Overall, the game looks brilliant and even better than Metro 2033–an accomplishment in itself. 😀

  15. The gameplay of Metro 2033 can only be described as “immersive” I have never had a game capture a true FPS feel like M2033. If M:LL is the game it shows to be on the videos of the gameplay, then I think you will see an award winning FPS in 2013. Maybe even a new standard in the way FPS/Role playing games should be produced.

  16. Well, I always have been a fan of post-apocalyptic games, such as Fall Out, Rage, and I Am Alive. I always wanted to pick up a copy of Metro 2033 but never really had the money. I saw the E3 demo of Last Light and it really looks like it will be an amazing game. However, being that I’ve never played the first game, I wouldn’t really understand the story all to much. The graphics look amazing as does everything else, I would much rather play this game instead of just watching play-through’s of it.

  17. I loved the atmosphere and the world from 2033, look forward to returning in LAst Light!

  18. metro 2033 has to be one of the greatest games i have ever played. it has an amazing storyline with flawless gameplay. i plan on getting last light the day it comes out because i know its going to be an incredible game. if i were to win i would give the code to my girlfriend who has not yet experienced such a masterpiece

  19. The location is sweet. The janky weapons are awesome. Being at a disadvantage to the environment and the shop system make me want this game. Unfortunately the stores here don’t have this game as of today so tartarsauce.

  20. the game has you engaged from the first scene with a story i really enjoyed. the location couldn’t of been picked better. so excited there will be a whole new game to jump into!

  21. Last Light looks absolutely amazing. Like metnioned the Atmosphere/Landscape is very well suited. The darkness and feel of exploration is what makes it something that I’m looking forward to. Something about these post-apocalyptic games that tickle my feather 😉


  22. I’ll be honest, I’ve never played a Metro game but I have seen it in action and I think It has one of the most interesting worlds of a FPS. The thing that excites me the most about Metro:Last light is that it isn’t your standard run and gun FPS, It actually has a story.

  23. What I loved about ‘Metro 2033’ is the eerie atmosphere of the game. I would like to know more about post-apocalyptic Moscow in the upcoming game ‘Metro: Last Light’.

  24. I’ve yet to play 2033, but I’ve heard good things. I’m entering the contest in hopes that I get a chance to play it finally.

  25. there just aren’t enough scary games and metro 2033 was definitely high up on the horror list!
    saw ome videos for Last Light and it looks like it’s coming along great. hope i win so i can finish metro 2033!

  26. Metro 2033 was an amazing ride on disc and I’d love to have it in digital form so I could lend my disc out. Last Light looks like it’s going to kick the horror and action up a notch. can’t wait.

  27. Metro 2033 is just so different than any other FPS out there. I love games that use a post-apocalyptic theme and this is the only shooter that i know of that does this. Never got to finish it because my xbox broke and it was only a rental but i loved it the whole way through. I have looked at some videos for Last light and it looks amazing. I cant wait for it to come out!

  28. To put it simply, the atmosphere. It can evoke a stunning sense of desperation when you are in danger that I have only found in one other series of games – the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Everything I’ve seen and read of Metro: Last Light sounds even better. Guaranteed Day 1 purchase for me on both the 360 and PC.

  29. Metro 2033 had an amazingly good setting for its scary tale. The game play was pretty good and I liked the sense of horror throughout the game.

    I believe its successor will be much better and will improve upon what is already great in Metro 2033.

  30. Only heard good things about this game and I’m looking forward to play it one day. Apparently the game has a difficulty mode that takes stuff from the HUD out, but still keeps the game playable. I wouldn’t be able to know, since I don’t have the game… yet! *hint*hint*

  31. Austin Baroudi

    I’ve never actually played it but the cover art sort of reminds me of fallout 3 and that was one of my top 3 favorites games ever so hopefully it’s like that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I loved the story most.

  33. I loved metro 2033 for its story of human survival and am excited for how it will continue that theme

  34. I loved Metro 2033 because you could recharge yourself and your devices which is pretty bad ass. I’m looking forward to another Metro game. I love apocalypse style shooting games. Thanks for the entry.

  35. I’ve lived in Moscow, went into Metro. I really want to play the game Metro 2033.

  36. I actually just finished reading the book after so many of my friends told me how good the game was. I really want to play the game now and get to experience all the tense moments the story has to offer. Broken gas masks, having to choose between saving those bullets for cash or shooting them at the enemy, the game really seems like it offers a much darker and richer experience than any other game I’ve played, and with the sequel coming out next year this will only build my excitement even more to play it.

  37. Honestly, never played the first one. However I’ve watched gameplay footage and the game looks awesome. The post apocalyptic setting is always a favorite of mine.

  38. I’ve only played the demo, but found traveling through the subway tunnels quite tense. Also, I really like post-apocalypse games.

  39. Haven’t played Metro yet, but I love the book, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love post-apocalyptic futures?

  40. Haven’t played Metro yet, but I love the book, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love post-apocalyptic futures?

  41. i just started 2033 and im impressed, if last light comes out on Wii U im sooooooo on that like a nuke over Chernobyl

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