Gameloft Teases First Unreal Engine-Powered Game

Can you spot the hint hidden in the artwork above?

Gameloft recently released the very first teaser teaser photo from their upcoming Unreal Engine-powered game for Android and iOS platforms. According to Gameloft, there’s a hint hidden within the artwork above.

Can you find it and guess what game they’re developing?

Find out how to unlock more hints about this Unreal Engine game from Gameloft after the break.

To unlock the next few hints, fans should go to the Gameloft Facebook teaser page, like it, and vote on the next media that you’d like the company to unlock. As of this writing, the next ones in line are:

  • Unlock the teaser trailer on Facebook or
  • Unlock new teaser artwork.

Were you able to find the hint in the artwork above? Would you care to guess what game that Gameloft is working on next? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. Ninja Gaiden Clans coming to Gameloft Live! :DDD … what do I win? ;-p

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