JTM “Enter The Metro” Contest – Win A Metro: Last Light Gas Mask

*This Competition Is Now Closed.*

This week’s winner is Nathanael de Boer! Congratulations!

*This week’s contest is open to CANADIAN residents only*

JTM Games (in conjunction with THQ) will be continuing our weekly JTM ”Enter The Metro” Contest. In anticipation of next year’s release of Metro: Last Light, we’ve teamed up with THQ to give away Metro goodies weekly.

This week’s prize is a Metro: Last Light Limited Edition Gas Mask!

Find out how to enter the competition after the break.

All you need to do to enter the competition is to:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to JTM Games (you’ll find the subscribe button on the right hand menu of the site),
  2. TELL US why you’re excited for Metro: Last Light in the comment section below.

Easy enough right? 

One lucky winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 19, 2012.

Good luck to all participants!


Gas masks intended only for novelty or display purposes only.  Gas mask are not intended to be used as or considered to be safety equipment.  You assume all risk in connection with any use.  THQ Inc. and JTM Games assume no liability whatsoever.

Contest Terms & Conditions


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this game for a while! It’s one of my most looked forward too games!

  2. I am hopping for some survival on the part of the dark ones! also to find out what it was that ran the pipes!

  3. A heart-pumping, monster shooting, story based game, whats not to like? This new Metro game is what the gaming industry has forgotten, something based on a solid plot and character oriented gameplay. I can’t wait to get my hands on it

  4. The reason i wait for this game…it’s the best post apocalypsic experience i ever had! 2033 made my buy a book! wich i never do. The atmosphere was so dark and immersive.The characters are all different and special in their own ways. Artyom’s story was so deep and realist. Growing up in a metro after a nuclear disaster, not nowing anything. And they made us feel what a person like Artyom must feel if this scenario happens.

    Metro 2033 had awesome features too besides the atmosphere and immersion. Awesome gameplay mechanics that kept us focused on surviving. Charging our battery, loading up pump weapons. Everything was there to keep us focused. And the stealth mechanics was another plus! trying to sneak a base filled with nazis and communists while no one loves you…damn i loved it!

    The reason why i cant wait for metro last light…to extend what 2033 gave me and experience something better! Only the trailers and teasers gave me huge gamer boners.

    I am a big post apocalyptic game fan but metro made me enjoy a game in another way…something more personnal that just playing. I felt the characters and the atmosphere kept me in the whole time.

    A true masterpiece! And i feel like metro deserves a place on my arm next to my s.t.a.l.k.e.r. tatoo. ( yeah i’m that much of a fan! )

  5. My favourite genre of games are post-apocalyptic rpg’s. my 2 favourite series are fallout and metro because there quite similar, and i find what ever fallout lacks in, metro succeeds with, such as graphics, strategy, realism, survival and so on. thats why im excited for metro last light a better version of the ones already out there and i think metro has a better story and world to experience.

  6. After seeing the Metro 2033 trailer, I wanted to play it, and once I did, I knew it was a series I had to follow, and with the extras in Last Light (such as stuff crawling on your mask), it adds an increase sense of realism to it and that little “Freak out” that gives you shivers

  7. The reason i am exited for metro last light…2033 was a true master piece that surprised me in every way! The atmosphere blew away s.t.a.l.k.e.r., the story blew away half life 2, and it made me buy a book…which i never do.

    Everything is made with perfection from the characters to the weapons. Artyom was so realist and made us feel like we really grew up in a metro with his dialogues and his visions of things. Other characters were all unique and special in their own way and i was attached to them.

    The fact that pump guns were manualy charged and that our battery had to be charged only added more dept to the gameplay and kept us immersed in the dark world of metro.

    The sneak missions were a real challenge too and nothing to unrealistic. Sneaking a whole army of nazis and commies at the same time was a real thrill.

    I could keep up all day long. And to know a second metro game is right at our door…it’s hard to wait. The trailers and gameplay reveal gave me huge gamer hard ons and didnt help with the waiting hehe.

    The reason i am hyped for last light…As a post apocalyptic game fan i think metro is right at the top! it does everything so good and beter than any other game.

    This serie deserves a place on my arm with my s.t.a.l.k.e.r. tattoo. Only have to find the right thing to put there.

    That’s why i’m exited for Metro: Last Light

  8. Metro offers something unique and different in the FPS genre. Scavenging for ammo (which is also money), looking for air filters, avoiding beasts that want to tear your face off, and the occasional ghost or paranormal event. This creates an atmosphere that after despite beating the game countless times, keeps me wanting more!

  9. great game

  10. Since I started playing games like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, irradiated and/or dark and dangerous worlds are one my must-needs in games. Metro 2033 was the best thing I played with these qualifications, and this looks like it’ll blow its predecessor right out of the water…
    It’s games like this that make my really wish I had a time machine.

  11. Metro was truly the best game I’ve experienced that I learned about through a friends word. I do not regret getting into the series at all.

  12. I can’t wait to see the consequences of my actions in 2033 🙂

  13. I love the awesome Metro-books by Dmitry Glukhovsky and Metro 2033 is possibly the best game I’ve ever played, so I can’t wait for the release of Last Light!

  14. I love the awesome Metro-books by Dmitry Glukhovsky and Metro 2033 is possibly the best game I’ve ever played, so I can’t wait for the release of Last Light!

  15. The game, what i’m waiting for, allows me to plunge into the world after the end of the world to see Last Light at the end of tunnel of the Metro.
    p.s. I’m ukrainian. Sorry, if you find grammar or lexical mistakes, my english not perfect)

  16. cause Metro 2033 was an amazing look into an underground society struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic world alongside various creatures, Im waiting to see how things will continue going for the survivors and what will become of the various creatures and humanoids that are ruling the above ground world

  17. Metro 2033 was the game that got me hooked on Post – Apocalypse Videogames. I loved it. From the dark tunnels to the lively stations, The in depth characters to the hideous mutants, It was amazing. Though 2033 was a little buggy, I am exited for Last Light because it is sure to be a bit more well – polished and complete. I will never have enough of Metro!

  18. I have been waiting for 2 years since I completed the game to continue this great story of survival. I’ve read the book and I am currently waiting for the English copy of Metro 2034 to be written. The story behind Metro 2033 has sparked many great conversations with my friends and I and we would debate and talk for hours at a time. I am very excited to finally play the sequel to a game that I truly enjoyed playing and replaying.

  19. After long years of waiting, I will get to see “if we are to survive, this threat must be eliminated… eliminated.

  20. I can’t wait for Metro: Last Light. I continuesly play Metro 2033 over and over, I immedietly start a new game as soon as I finish it. I play this game 20 time a day, and it just keeps getting better. I’m still trying to get the “Metro” book series. I just can’t wait for “Last Light”, I’m really looking forward to it.

  21. Loved the first one. Had me doing a Russian accent for weeks

  22. Andrew MacDowell

    Post. Apocalyptic. Russia.

    Take 2.

    Nuff said. 😉

  23. Why am I excited for Last Light? I’m expecting the game to an awesome experience overall. Metro 2033 was a huge hit in my books, though most would call it a sleeper hit. I’m expecting the atmosphere be just as amazing, if not better in Last Light, and working on a suspected bigger budget this time around, I’m sure there will be more polish to the game. Overall I just really can’t wait to see what the team has done in the sequel.

  24. Nathanael de Boer

    I’m very excited for Metro: Last Light. I have really loved the various promotions that have been done for the game, and the premise of the game thrills me.
    I first heard about the game quite a while ago, when I saw the first trailer. I love post-apocalyptic media, books, movies, games; I’ll digest them all. Metro: Last Light seems to take yet another different spin on the post-apoc theme, as from the first trailer. It looks very dark, cold, and sinister. The city ruins are grand to say the least, and they seem to be full of secrets. The fact that they used the song ”Machine Gun” by Portishead for that first trailer was an added bonus. I also thoroughly enjoyed the live action trailer that was made for the game. I’ve always been a sucker for live action, and the ”Enter the Metro” trailer gave me shivers. I must’ve watched it five times.
    So yes, I’m very excited to enter the Metro and discover the secrets that lay in its depths.

  25. Guillaume Hardy

    Metro 2033 was one (if not THE one) of my favorite setting in a post-apocalypse video game and I couldn’t get enough with just one video game actually. Knowing that there will be another game make me so happy. I’m just glad that I’ll get to know what comes after the first game! ^^ Looking good and looking foward to it for SURE! 😀

  26. Colton Stephens

    I have lived my life playing shooters and other genres of games. The Absolute perfection of Metro 2033’s gameplay made it my favourite shooter. The multiple ways you can play the game and different survival objectives. Gas masks and charging your equipment, conserving bullets and buying the items you NEEDED. And not to mention how amazing the books, fanfiction and the games storyline was to succeed into my favourite apocalypse storyline. Can’t wait for the next game to see Artyom in his next part to the Metro Franchise.

  27. The immersion that I experienced in Metro 2033, was one of the best I’ve ever had in any game. The creativity of the creatures and the environment just left me with a smile on my face the whole way through. I can only hope that Metro: Last Light will give me an even better experience then Metro 2033!

  28. Ive played the thrilling campaign of the first one ranger pack and all so now the storylines and scenery of post apocalyptic moscow have trapped me and I must play every sequel and DLC that hits the shelves great job, keep em comming!

  29. Laurent Docquir

    I love metro because it is a FPS apart in many ways. It has all the ingredients that make an immersive game: the atmosphere, the realism (ammo management, weapons you can’t determine if it better that the one you have, pump, gas mask…), top graphics, rich character animations.

    Most of all I like the way the designers of Metro take care of small details that makes the difference. Eg. I like to listen to the discussions of the non playable characters, watch them interact with each other. These kind of things really make the immersion feeling.

    The level design is superb. I really like the outdoor post-apocalyptic scenery.
    After playing the game, I also bought the book which is a must read.

    These days FPS are dominated by COD & Battlefield that propose nothing but fast action with a poor scenario. Metro is a refreshing suprise in the genre.

    I really hope that Last Light will succeed. It deserves it.
    Long life Metro.

  30. Francois Lalonde

    Im really excited because i need to know what happens with the dark ones as the first one ended the storyline was getting really good and now im hungry for more suspense

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