Enter The Metro Contest – Win A Metro: Last Light T-Shirt

*This Competition Is Now Closed.*

This week’s winner has been chosen and contacted. Will announce in a day or two.

*This contest is open to CANADIAN residents only*

Wow, can you believe it? It’s already week 4 of our weekly “Enter The Metro” contest!

JTM Games (in conjunction with THQ) will be continuing our weekly JTM ”Enter The Metro” Contest. In anticipation of next year’s release of Metro: Last Light, we’ve teamed up with THQ to give away Metro goodies weekly.

This week’s prize is a Metro: Last Light T-Shirt!

Find out how to enter the competition after the break.

All you need to do to enter the competition is to:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to JTM Games (you’ll find the subscribe button on the right hand menu of the site),
  2. TELL US what you would do to survive in the event of nuclear armageddon.  These can include plans, strategies, weapons, equipment lists, etc…
    (Let us know in the comment section below.)

Easy enough right? 

One lucky winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 26, 2012.

Good luck to all participants!

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  1. Keep it simple like me. I’d go the the local university which has a very large network of underground tunnels that can easily be blocked and opened with security gates. Most of the people would flee so it would virtually be empty with years worth of food and other supplies.

  2. Underground is pretty much the only option to escape nuclear fallout. Firstly, I would get my hands on a weapon, any weapon. Then I would go around calling all my friends and we would gather up our supplies and families and “move into” the sewers (closest underground area nearby). From there it is basically survive, kill mutated animals, and gather a larger network of humans. Oh and i’ll be sure to change my internet from a DSL to satellite. Nuclear war or not, I need my regular dose of internet.

  3. The university I attend has a system of tunnels used to get between buildings. Some parts of these tunnels should be deep enough underground and far enough from exits and potential leaks to protect people from a fair amount of radiation. Also, food courts and shops are close enough to the tunnels that food shouldn’t be a problem for a little while. Ottawa also has the experimental farm, so, if the radiation isn’t too strong, and the farm hasn’t been obliterated, we may be able to relocate some (hopefully all) the livestock and a fair portion of seeds into or around the tunnels, where they would be protected from a weather and radiation.

  4. i would loot the stores that the least amount of people so i actually have a change to get some helpful supplies such as medicine, food, weapons if i find one. since we have no metro stations here and sewers would be very quickly overrun i’d try to meet up with friends, family, anyone who has a larger, more structurally stable house then i do that is away from the city and we could head into the city every little bit to see if any supplies could be found.

  5. I would have a large rucksack full of survival supplies (food water purification ammunition fire starter ect.) a Robinsons armaments XCR-M in 308
    And a 9mm Glock. In my bag I would have a keltec sub 2000 that takes the same magazines as my glock. I would gather all my gear and head to the nearest bomb shelter. I would be much more prepared than most people.

  6. Well I would get my Radio-Active resistant suit on and my USSR military PBF Officer special Gas Mask. Then I would grab my 30-30 and some ammo. Get my backpack fill it with essentials. Then I would put my emergency food supplies in the back of my car. Also I would grab a small tool kit and some nails and then set out in my car for a safe distance. Nuff said

  7. Well first of all, i’d group up with a couple of my friends who i know has the capability to survive. Then try to reinforce a large vehicle for transport and living. And then live on the road if possible.

    If the road is unusable or vehicles are a bad investment, we would find ourself a subtle place to live like a big appartment building and only come out to hunt, scavenge and take a shit.

  8. first, find all the canned food and bottled water, pack it out to your safehouse. Safehouse: Must be gated, and have obstacles to detour and funnel the enemy into a bottleneck, just in case of unfriendly guests. The first thing is provisions tho, food, guns, ammo, survival equipment, a water filtration system. Chem/bio suits, gas masks and filters. Also tools, for building fortifications/furniture. For weapons, i’d go with a crossbow, and an m4 assault rifle. Crossbow because bolts are easy to make from any material practically. Also landmines, or proximity bombs . Chem lights, just incase.

  9. Head underground with trusted comrades, probably in some kind of bomb shelter or steam tunnel with the proper necessities. Maybe even a mine? Tons of non-perishable foods, water, candles, flashlights, and hopefully find some sort of protection or weaponry (simply rifles, automatic guns, and whatever kind of firearms we can get our hands on) from all the possible nasties and mutants out there. I think NBC suits and gas masks would be rather helpful in such a situation–we’re going to need some activated charcoal and plenty of filters. Not to forget, the classic survival equipment in mind, flint and steel, bandages, etc. And finally, “have a cup of tea and wait for this whole thing to blow over”. (Thanks, Shaun of the Dead!)

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