Top Five Anti-Heroes In Gaming

kratos kill

Everyone loves playing badass characters. Especially badass characters with interesting personalities, stories, and unstoppable revenge on their minds. There’s nothing like a murdered wife, family, or just plain old bloodlust that players connect with to justify all the violence and the kills they perform in their favorite video games. The next five characters are considered good guys; yet when we look at their personalities, their adventures, and what they’ve done (so far), these men can be classified as evil, evil people. Definitely not the kind of people that we should be rooting for.

With that said, it still feels good to be bad doesn’t it?

Check out JTM Games’ list of the top five (evil) good guys after the break.

5. James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2)

In years prior to the game, James’ wife was struck with an unknown disease while James was left to care for her at the cost of his own sanity and loneliness. This made him bitter and resentful towards his wife; with no other choices and his sexual needs withheld (because of his commitment to the marriage) his evil thoughts and tendencies start to show when he returns to Silent Hill (reportedly to commit suicide). After three years of suffering, James decides to end it all; he kissed his wife on the forehead, only to suffocate her with a pillow afterwards.

As James returns to Silent Hill, his evil deeds comes back and haunts him in the form of Pyramid Head (which represents his murderous and sexually deviant side).

4. Max Payne

Max was powerless to stop the murder of his family many years ago. And in his quest to find out who was responsible for the murders, he himself commits a massacre, murdering thugs, mafiosos, and other people. Granted, these are bad men as well, but if we really think about it, Max just shoots everyone that stands in his way to the truth.

His mind has snapped so far from the loss of his family that he doesn’t realize that he himself is killing other family men. Mafioso or not, these men had families of their own, children and wives left without a husband and father.

3. Agent 47 (Hitman Series)

As a cold and detached assassin in the ICA for many years, 47 was required to kill his targets with precision and with lethal force. And although he is “said” to only kill those who perform immoral activities, Agent 47 is still a killer, often taking out low-level guards or henchmen that had little or nothing to do with the target himself.

Agent 47 has been deemed by many as a “Necessary Evil” an evil lesser than the ones he targets. He will kill anyone he’s assigned to assassinate without hesitation or exceptions. And will kill anyone (guilty or not) who knows of his identity.

2. Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Niko was a soldier fighting in Yugoslavia before coming to the United States. He’s also a man driven by revenge, as one of his main reasons for coming to America was to kill a man who betrayed him during the war. As a soldier Niko committed murder, and other atrocities that led to his current emotional detatchment with people and situations. And just before coming to the USA, Niko was working for Bulgarin’s human trafficking network.

One would think that his coming to America would somehow change Niko, yet instead of working for an honest living, he decides to go work for the numerous European criminal organizations in Liberty City. Since his arrival, LCPD has noted hundreds of dead bodies with him as the main and only suspect. Niko was a killer, nothing more. His only redeeming qualities is that of his want to protect his family and the people he loved.

Evil Tidbit: Did you know that Niko killed almost all of his former employers?

There’s even a list of the people that Niko has murdered over the years.

1. Kratos (God of War Series)

Kratos is driven by vengeance. So much vengeace that he murders Greek Gods just to try and satiate his insatiable penchant for killing and fits of anger. He’s also an oppurtunist in that he fools other Gods by pretending to do their work for them, and then when the time is right, he murders them in cold blood.

He is ruthless, merciless, and desires only murder. Anyone or anything that stands in his way get chopped in half, brutally beaten to death, or even killed with their own severed body parts. His quest for power before the original game came at a great cost, he could not control his rage and power that he killed his own family. His greed and murderous tendencies had cost him his family, yet instead of blaming himself for his stupidity, he blames ARES the God of War for his family’s murder.


Who’s your favorite (evil) good guys in video games? Why do you like them?
Let us know in the comments section!


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