Indie Spotlight: Bust-N-Rush

Imagine playing through Temple Run. It’s fun, but to be honest I’d much rather be running through bad guys and environmental hazards than avoiding them. That’s why Bust-N-Rush from Techtonic Games caught my eye.

Bust-N-Rush is an arcade running game in the same vein as Temple Run that casts players as an armored badass named Kovo. Kovo is one pissed-off, ex-planet mining juggernaut looking for vengeance against the galactic evil called Satellite of Wub. You see, Satellite of Wub destoryed Kovo’s favorite plastic flamingo called Paco. Now Kovo, with no one and nothing else left goes on an interplanetary rampage to vanquish the evil satellite and avenge his friend.

Hit the jump to find out more about Bust-N-Rush.

In Bust-N-Rush, players run through three worlds full of treacherous terrains and destroying things that stand between him and Satellite of Wub. Of course, it wouldn’t be an arcade running game without items that drastically change the game world (eg: gravity flip and super jumps).

A unique and interesting feature in Bust-N-Rush is its procedural level generation system. What it does is it constantly challenges the user because they won’t be able to memorize the layout of each of the three game worlds as the levels are constantly changing. It’s kind of like the randomly generated levels commonly found in action RPG’s; you’re on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Bust-N-Rush’s game modes include:

  • Quest Mode – Players can attempt to conquer Quest mode to increase player skills through the three worlds in his mission to destroy the satellite.
  • Survival Mode – The more traditional endless running game mode, Survival mode pretty much has Kovo running against obstacles until he can’t continue anymore.
  • Bust-A-Friend Mode – A variation of survival mode, Bust-A-Friend mode has players competing and comparing  for high scores against their friends. Players can use the in-game challenge system (or social networs) to send and receive challenges from players all over the world.

As well, players will be able to attempt to conquer the 60 achievements strewn throughout the game. These range from destruction challenges to special ability challenges that continually push players to master the game to succeed.

We’ll be chatting with Techtonic Games, the developers of Bust-N-Rush at PAX Prime. More details and a hands-on preview are upcoming next week so stay tuned!

Expect Bust-N-Rush to release for PC, Mac, Chrome, and Firefox later this year.

Check out the Bust N Rush pre-release trailer below:


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  1. “Expect Bust-N-Rush to release for PC, Mac, Chrome, and Firefox later this year.”

    Consoles of the future are weird. :O Remember when making a browser game meant your game sucked? Two words: Slime Volleyball.

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