Hideo Kojima Announces New Metal Gear Solid Game And Movie (UPDATED WITH GAMEPLAY TRAILER!)

After dazzling the audience at the recent Metal Gear 25th anniversary event with footage from Metal Gear Rising, Hideo Kojima decided to drop a couple of bombshells: the announcements of a new Metal Gear Solid game and a Metal Gear Solid movie. Bring ’em on!

Fans were shown a 20 minute reel of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (ooh, that name is sweet). Despite the audience being told not to post about what they were seeing, descriptions shortly hit the net like a freight train. Since I wasn’t there, I’ll just let Gamespot do it.

Find out more about Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid announcements after the break.

Notice the strap for the eyepatch? Looks like Big Boss to us.

Scratch that. We’ve got a trailer:

Here’s the gist of what we know:

– The Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes demo reportedly looked incredible. Not only that, but it was produced on a current gen PC using Kojima Productions’ brand new Fox Engine.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will be an open-world game. This, to me, is the most mind-boggling piece of news. I wouldn’t exactly call the Metal Gear Solid series linear, but until now the levels have been very tightly designed and insular (for the most part); blowing the formula into a sandbox seems like a huge challenge.

– The game will feature Big Boss, also known as Naked Snake. That hasn’t been formally announced, but the only official picture released (above) features a character with Big Boss’ distinctive eyepatch and a Militaires Sans Frontieres patch. (Notice I say “feature” rather than “star” since we know all too well Kojima’s willingness to switch up protagonists.)

And that’s, uh… pretty much it. There’s been nothing released in regards to plot, gameplay, or if any of the series’ much beloved cast will make cameos. Frankly, I can’t wait. Metal Gear Solid has had four of the strongest main series’ games this side of Hyrule. Part of me is worried that this ultra-ambitious title will be the breaking point, but until then I’ll rely on Kojima’s rock-solid CV. (Maybe this time we consider hiring a script editor though buddy?) Now let’s hurry up and get Metal Gear Rising released!

As for the movie, we have far less information. It will be produced by Columbia Pictures and Avi Arad (best known for producing many a Marvel movie). I’ve always thought that turning Metal Gear Solid into a live-action movie was a pretty bad idea. How do they plan on replicating the sequences that make the games so unique (the fights with Psycho Mantis and The End, for example)? Will Snake be Snake without David Hayter’s voice?

But hey! Don’t ask us. We’re just a game site.


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