PAX 2012: Best PlayStation 3 Game

Last weekend, the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle was host to one of the biggest game shows in North America with PAX Prime. But of course, a huge game convention wouldn’t be complete without a PlayStation booth demoing the game company’s upcoming blockbusters. From racing games, to fighting games, to action-adventure games, there was a game in display for everyone.

In this article, I’ll discuss what I think were the best PlayStation 3 games at PAX. But before I begin, here are some honourable mentions:

  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

God of War: Ascension

Set just before the original Chains of Olympus and the original God of War, Ascension shows a more humanistic side to Kratos (who in past games was mostly brutal and merciless) and players will get to know the choices, the trials and tribulations that molded Kratos into the God-killing warrior he would become. What’s really interesting about God of War: Ascension is the refined combat system that not only allows Kratos to fight bare-handed, but also allows him to pick up weapons dropped by his fallen enemies (swords, spears, and others) which allows for unlimited stylish combinations mixing picked up random weapons with Kratos’ own arsenal.

Oh and let’s not forget about the fully featured multiplayer modes that are unique (and a first) to the God of War franchise. Stay tuned later this week when our interview with Sony Santa Monica for a deeper look at the game’s multiplayer features.

The Last of Us

After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, I was able to sit down in a booth that resembled a dingy bathroom from the game (complete with a rotting corpse – comfy!). What really sets The Last of Us from other survival horror games out there is that not only will players face the dangerous infected, but the even-more dangerous survivors of the plague. These guys are as desperate and as willing to do anything to live as the main protagonist so players should expect vicious hand-to-hand and firefights during their adventure.

The platforming found in Uncharted 3 is also present in The Last of Us but this time it’s almost always with the AI partner Ellie. And of course, it wouldn’t be a believable adventure unless the protagonists feel real and have real relationships. Thankfully, given Naughty Dog’s pedigree with believable character relationships (Sully and Nate’s adoptive father and son banter) players will see a similar type of back-and-forth between Joel and Ellie throughout the game.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Best PlayStation 3 Game At PAX Prime 2012

The Last of Us

Despite the stylish and cinematic combat found in God of War: Ascension, I’m really more excited for The Last of Us and where Naughty Dog will take this brand new IP. With dynamic stealth mechanics, visceral combat, and realistic characters and relationships, players really will be doing everything they can to survive and help Joel survive long enough to protect Ellie. Definitely game of the year contender material here.


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