New Little King’s Story Now Available for PlayStation Vita

Konami recently announced that their latest PlayStation Vita RPG New Little King’s Story is now available to purchase and download on the PlayStation Network. New Little King’s Story is actually a follow-up to one to a Wii game from 2009.

Players are cast as King Corobo in his journey to defeat the Devil King – called “The Nightmare” – and reclaim his kingdom. Corobo and his Royal Guard will have to visit seven kingdoms, battle evil lords, and save the capture princesses. Corobo can also recruit subjects and create a unified army. Each of the characters earn experience points with every battle and help them grow as an effective unit fighting for King Corobo’s quest.

Find out more about New Little King’s Story after the break.

Rally, move, and command King Corobo’s armies using touchscreen controls.

What’s really quite interesting with New Little King’s Story is it’s use of the PlayStation Vita’s touch-screen controls for rallying, commanding, and attacking with Corobo’s army. Basically, the players touch acts as a mouse pointer that (for those RTS fans) and makes it easier to command the army as well as build his kingdom.

Speaking of kingdoms’ let’s not forget that New Little King’s Story is also a world builder and kingdom simulator as well. King Corobo can assign his subjects a job (from a list of 20) that include soldiering, hunting, farming, and building.  Corobo can even listen to citizen complaints (via a suggestion box) which lead to side quests that help him satisfy his public. There are even days when parades happen and gamers can enjoy the celebrations with their people.

New Little King’s Story features include:

  • Upgraded 2D and 3D graphics
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls (front and rear)
  • Item combining co-operative play
  • Online Leaderboards

New Little King’s Story is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $39.99.

Check out the trailer for New Little King’s Story below:


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