Walking Dead Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead Now Available on iOS

Just recently, Telltale Games announced that they’ve released Walking Dead Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead on the iOS. The third episode of Telltale’s best series, Long Road Ahead continues Lee Everett’s tale as he struggles to keep his rag-tag band of survivors alive during the zombie apocalypse.

Like the TV series on AMC, TellTale’s Walking Dead: The Game is based on Robert Kirkman’s award winning graphic novel series. The game so far has received considerable critical acclaim and amassed multiple awards including “Gamespy’s Best Adventure Game E3.” In addition, Metacritic scores have been pretty high with the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions all scoring at high 80’s.

Find out more about Walking Dead: The Game Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead after the break.

In Walking Dead Episode 3, treachery and distrust within the group causes people to snap and relationships to crumble. With the world falling around them, does Lee’s group have a chance to survive the apocalypse? He and his friends must make tough choices; each with their own consequences.

As always, each of the players choices made in episodes one and two will follow them into episode three. Here’s hoping the decisions you made don’t affect your friends negatively in this chapter.

I’ve been playing a lot of the Walking Dead: The Game over the last few days and have to say, all the hype is true. The game is that damn good. Not since Sony’s Heavy Rain have I cared about my choices and the characters fates. If you love the TV series and can’t get enough of the human drama versus zombie thriller that’s signature to the Walking Dead, then you’ll love Walking Dead: The Game.

Walking Dead: The Game is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, and the new iPad. All episodes are available to pre-purchase as a ‘Multi-Pack’ within the $4.99 base application for an additional $14.99, saving 20% off of the total cost of the full season.

Have you played Walking Dead: The Game? Which platform do you play it on?

Check out the trailer for Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead below:


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