Contest – Win A Metro: Last Light Gas Mask

Metro: Last Light

*This Competition Is Now Closed.*

This week’s winner has been chosen and contacted. Will announce in a day or two.

*This contest is open to CANADIAN residents only*

JTM Games (in conjunction with THQ) will be continuing our JTM ”Enter The Metro” Contest. In anticipation of next year’s release of Metro: Last Light, we’ve teamed up with THQ to give away Metro goodies.

This week’s prize is a Metro: Last Light Exclusive Gas Mask!

Check out the exclusive mask and find out how to enter the competition after the break.

Prize pack comes with novelty mask and carrying case.

All you need to do to enter the competition is to:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to JTM Games (you’ll find the subscribe button on the right hand menu of the site),
  2. TELL US what you would do to survive in the event of nuclear armageddon.  These can include plans, strategies, weapons, equipment lists, etc…
    (Let us know in the comment section below.)

Easy enough right? 

Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter.

One lucky winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

Good luck to all participants!

Terms & Conditions


Gas masks intended only for novelty or display purposes only.  Gas mask are not intended to be used as or considered to be safety equipment.  You assume all risk in connection with any use.  THQ Inc. and JTM Games assume no liability whatsoever.


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  1. If I was one of the people that knew it was coming I’d do the same as our friends in Russian in Metro 2033/Last Light, hide in the Subway system of Toronto. 🙂

  2. I would most likely head to the deepest point in the tunnel system under my university, and work things out from there. The experimental farm is nearby though, so I could probably salvage some food and other supplies.

  3. Hide in a Wal-Mart. Food, sporting goods, entertainment, etc. It’s perfect. I’d “borrow” my brother’s Katana to clear the place out of any muties.

  4. I have an evacuation bag with food for two weeks, water for three days, drugs and first aid, a survival knife and plenty of nice stuff(like a geiger counter). I would take it with some equipment and I would reach the nearest armory to get myself a defense/hunting module. Like a 22. riffle or a Mosin Nagan(or maybe a crossbow) and a 9mm pistol. Anything I can get. Then I would walk away from the biggest towns as much as I can. And Begin a new life of survival.

  5. I would hide out for a few years in a desolate area of the Canadian wilderness with my dog Revenant. We would have a stockpile of weapons, mostly hunting revolvers and rifles. I would use an SKS Rifle, and the Chiappa Rhino as my main weapons, with a sawed off double barrel in a holster under my arms. I’d hunt caribou and bears for food. I’d of course search for berries and other such. But eat them rarely as to not irradiate myself much. I would occasionally walk to the nearest townships and loot stores for anything possibly usable. In the off chance that i run into a “monster” or unfriendly human, i would kill them quickly and eat them, so long as they showed no signs of radiation sickness. That way his death would not be in vein, and i would also feed some of him to Revenant so he got some nutrition. After i have looted the towns dry i would move on and repeat the process.

  6. i am living in vancouver,when it is nuclear armageddon,i think tons of people will be rush in to the skytrain system,hiding in undergroud.but it is not safe,the reason why is those skytrain station are not as deep as russian metro system!if i alive,it seems to me that i would grab me medical supply and munition to my own tunnel under me house,it is deep enough to escape from nuclear expose and the fallout.i am still digging,because all i want is more people would be survive with me

  7. Easy enough, find a metro station that’s not too far from a gun store/military base but deep enough to be shielded from bombs, maybe find somewhere to hide a vehicle and store up on gas, maybe create a few supply/ammo caches through the city

  8. First thing I would do is finding myself a good shelter and some rations. Next would be deffinetly the gun and some medical. Then with all these thing I’d search for a better shelter so I can start a life there. I am kind of realistic, since there is no such thing as super ultra riffle or crazy rhino ready for the taking for me around me so I would grab some axe or machete to begin with, waiting for some lucky day to get me a police pistol or shotgun. With these in hand, there goes the rations. Some supermarket would be nice to scavenge but since the apocalypse mostly wiped those up to inexistance, I’d be hunting some wild animal to get “fresh” meat (Always good to get energy in the apocalypse). The shelter would deffinetly be a metro or some underground place, trying to barricade things the most I can to protect myself from the different hazard of the wild apocalypse. I would be reading books and working on some reinforced truck to get myself out of there if everything goes wrong. (Alweays have a plan B if you can.)

  9. I know briskly how to pilot a simple aircraft, and living in ottawa its.. well pretty much the only target , i would hijack the water landing planes owned by the mansion dwellers below the cliff beside the canal to my house. probably pack a crowbar and well a gasmask, some filters and a hunting bow / rob a closed gas station for smokes and booze in Quebec oh and food, lighters, propane . Fly somewhere safe, find some shelter.

  10. I would grab my .30-06, 9mm, and .45 and my ammo and make a break for Esquimalt ( Naval base) here in BC. Best chance of survival would be on the seas, or under them.

  11. Chances are I wouldn’t survive the initial blast, seeing as I am right in a global population centre. (Toronto). But if I did, it would most likely be a desperate struggle to ration food, and hold out in my apartment.

  12. i think i would just…put my new gas mask on that i won at and cry…

  13. Hm… I’m wondering if the blast will reach the northern part of Quebec, as I’m from there. Which is far, far away from cities and high populated places, days even. If I were to survive there, I’d fish and hunt for food. We have cabins with woodstoves and plenty of trees for wood. Winter would be harsh but we’d survive, we have in the past. We already have guns and ammo, so we’re good on that. If that plan works out, that’d be amazing! I just hope the blast won’t reach us. xD

  14. I’ll have an emergency bag with a few handguns, a triage and a first aid kit, some blank journals to make plans and maps, and rations.

  15. I would teach my kids to shoot, run generators off bicycles and grow their own food under ground

  16. Andrew MacDowell

    I would hide in the subway system in Montreal. On the way, stock up on food, and supplies. Either that, or head to the major hospitals that have radiation suits and medical supplies.

  17. To survive the initial blast I would simply hide in my basement, once that was over I would immediately get in my car and drive to one of the main line LRT stations like Grandin or Corona. Those are the deepest stations and the ones with the best air circulation. I already own a few firearms as well as some NBC rated masks so I’d be sure to take those along.

    I’d try and stick it out and scavenge as much material from the city center and north end as possible before heading north to CFB Cold Lake. There’s an old Nuclear bunker under the base which has had it’s door welded shut since back when Diefenbaker was prime minister. Hopefully I could have scavenged a gas-acetylene torch so I could cut my way in.

    As far as I know the Bunker is still furnished with all it’s equipment (sans food/water) so it would be my choice of home until I could connect with other survivors or the remnants of our government. I could also scavenge the base above for parts, equipment, radios or whatever else I would need.

  18. I don’t really have any subway systems where I am, so I’d probably move over to where my girlfriend currently is, and try to spend my remaining days with her. Cheesy, right?

  19. I would move out to the country. First I would get my the import stuff, such as gas, food, blankets, ammo etc into my vehicle along with some personal items. Next head out and grab more gas and food along with ammo if possible. The head out into the country to survive and set up a good fortification. Then head out to town a couple of times every week for resources. After a while see if I can band together with some people.

  20. Since I live around the outskirts of my city, I could simply seek refuge under my own roof, after fortifying my home to withstand (somewhat) the initial blast and the unavoidable raiders. I already have NBC certified gas masks, and a full proper radiation suit at home, including many spare filters for each of the masks, so those will not be a problem.

    After things die down a bit, I could gather my supplies, head inwards to the city and salvage what I can from the ruins, such as non-perishable food items, clean water, water filters/purification systems, etc..,. After that, I would ‘visit’ a few local police stations to search for firearms for self-defense, hospitals for medical supplies, and head back home.

    After a few of these trips, when I am fully loaded for supplies for at least 1 month, I would commence my search for military bases, preferably nuclear bunkers, which have a great possibility of withstanding attacks both human and the…. mutated.

    Once there, perhaps with working radios, and other communication devices, I could hopefully survive and look for other survivors, provided I do not encounter any survivors along my journey. And hopefully all the survivors can one day unite as one new government to survive the nuclear apocalypse and perhaps outlast it.

  21. Depends on where the bombs struck, I would head farthest away from the nuke site, so radiation levels could be slightly lower and my only problem will be fallout. I would want to have a small group of 3 or 4 so we could travel more quietly and have to provide for less people. When raiding parties start to come up, We would have already found a quiet derelict location that should attract and curiosity. we would all act as “stalkers” and schedule trips to city/town to look for supplies, weapons, medicine. If we are equipped enough we could try meeting up with other people and with our variety of tools/weapons/armor, we could ensure an overall advantage if anyone tries to turn on us. If that doesn’t work or prove to be to dangerous we could try finding a permanent shelter that is isolated and well barricaded, Even if we have to fight or sacrifice a few people.

  22. sovietrussiabear

    The Bug Out Bag. First of all I live in central ontario and this is the spring-summer-fall version of the kit. The winter version contains additional thermal wear as well as a warmer blanket. It is designed for 3-4 days but if shit double hits the fan and doesn’t clear up, is designed to go a bit longer.
    Food, water: 30x Katadyn water purification tablets 4x MRE’s 2 L Jug 1x Msr Stainless Steel pot 4x Orbit Gum (for morale)
    Shelter: 8×9 Foot green tarp, crack-proof to -20 F or -26 C Polyester Ranger Blanket Lightweight ground mat
    Clothes: 1x Windproof Canadian army training cargo pants 1x Wool Socks1x Standard Issue Combat boots 1x Cotton T-shirt, ( no way im trading this in, tried to wear polyester and my body started shivering idfk, in this shirt i go outside at -10 and feel warm) 1x all season Canadian combat jacket with gortex, tested in winter worked well 1x Gloves waterproof
    Fire Starting: 2x Bic lighters – only good when above 0 c or the butane fucks up 1x Zippo Lighter 2x Fluid cans for Zippo 2x Wicks 30x flints 1x magnesium fire starter 1x 250 Redbird strike anywhere 14x 45 waterproof matches
    Tools: {1x Gerber Hatchet {1x Ka-Bar Kukri, interchangeable with the hatchet, also weapon. 1x Buck 119 1x Buck Omni Hunter Pro 1x Gerber sierra saw with 2 Replacement blades
    Misc: 30 M rope or 100 feet 2x Medical kit (modified), contains extra gauze, moist towelletes, 3x condoms, Purell. 1x nail clipper 1x shampoo (25 Ml) 1x Bar of soap 2x Pack of Cohiba Cigarettes 1x Maglite with 6 extra batteries 20x Safety Pin 2x Steel Wool 2x Mosquito head net 2x Sharpening stones 1x Candle 1x P38 Can opener 1x 3 in 1 lube optional, for knife maintenance 1x Black 25 L bag
    Optional: Lightweight Ghillie suit Canadian ranger snow camouflage
    want to add: Snare Wire A bit of Vodka Multivitamins Iodine tablets METRO GAS MASK

    Plan: get to the forest.

  23. I’d say staying away from other people is the best option. No one seems to survive for long in any apocalyptic situation when there are people near by.

  24. Break out my S.T.A.L.K.E.R training exercises. Have the proper artifacts on my belt…. oh… wrong game lol!

  25. Well, I live three hours downwind from the only naval base on the East coast, so it’s the fallout more than the initial blast wave that would bother us here. It’s sure to be a target. The town where I live used to be home to an air force regiment during WW I & II, so I think I’d grab my family and head to the bomb shelter and hope for the best.

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