Arcane Legends Preview – Android MMORPG

Spacetime Studios recently announced that their Android MMORPG Arcane Legends is now available – for free on Google Play and the Google Chrome Web Store.

Arcane Legends is a newest entry in the Legends MMORPG franchise for both mobile and desktop gaming. Players can choose from Warriors, Rogues, and Sorcerers; each with their own unique abilities. As well, players can band together to combine their skills for more powerful attacks and devastating combos.

Find out more about Arcane Legends after the break.

These are just some of the pets who’ll accompany you in your adventures.

What makes Arcane Legends unique to mobile gamers is the addition of pets that fight along with their masters. Unlike other MMORPG’s, pets actually help players by fighting alongside them as well as performing actions that can help their owners. Pets also increase in power as a player progresses through the game.

And the best part? It’s FREE to play.

I’ve been playing a bit of Arcane Legends on my HTC One S and so far it runs quite well. Load times are short (except for the required downloads, patches, and installations) and moving from one part of the world map to another is a seamless experience.

It’s also amazing how many people you’ll be playing with in the game. As I write this preview, I’m also chatting with dozens if not hundreds of folks from all around the country. It’s easy enough to create and join parties so finding people to team up with never becomes a chore unlike with other, bigger MMO’s.

As you begin the game, you’re tasked in creating and customizing your own Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Free accounts can only have one character and must purchase a slot if they want to have multiple avatars going. Anyway, you can customize your characters face and hairstyle; then you’ll get to choose your starter pet. You’ll be able to choose between Timber – the house-trained dog, Precious – the young panther that has precision strikes, and Guapo – the turtle that actually adds +5% movement speed to your character.

Choose between the hulking Warrior, the devious Rogue, or the powerful Sorcerer.

Then there’s the characters classes, Warriors are huge, hulking behemoths that can swing massive battle axes like they were baseball bats. They can charge their melee attacks to inflict more damage. Rogues are quick and savage female fighters who carry dual blades. They’re devious and are known for their attacks that stun opponents. Finally, Sorcerers bring healing and destructive magical abilities to every fight; a sorcerer is good as both an offensive and defensive character.

Your adventures will take you to expansive locales like the Brackenridge Forest, the Gold Mine, and the Great City of Kraag. There you’ll be able to partake upon thousands of quests that are actually pretty fun to play. One of the reasons for this is that Spacetime Studios cut down on travel time. You’ll be able to take on quests easily, and when you’re finished, you can hit up the closest Quest Drop system; it’s a magical short-cut for turning in quests so you don’t have to return to the quest giver. They’re quite easy to find near most Travel Portals.

Combat is pretty close to what you’ll find in other action RPG’s like Diablo, Torchlight, and The Bard’s Tale. You’ll be in control of every attack, every move you make. It’s up to you whether you employ quick attacks or charge up to inflict bigger damage; there’s also a “Rage Meter” that fills up with every attack you perform and each character class has unique rage attacks that bring the pain to the enemy. In groups and parties, players can actually combine their abilities to unlock explosive combos for devastating effects.

Combat is close to what you’ll find in Diablo and other action RPG’s.

Oh and let’s not forget your pets who’ll fight alongside you. Like I mentioned earlier, they increase in skills and power along with their master and are pretty useful in a fight. They also provide certain buffs when they’re happy. As well, you can control how and when they attack so they’re pretty good backup for the solo players.

Keep in mind that Arcane Legends is an MMORPG so you’ll need to be on Wi-Fi or Data during play. One of my gripes with the game is that there’s no offline story mode/single player mode for the times when I’m on the go and have no access to a Wi-Fi spot. The other minor gripe I have is the audio; for some reason music and effects sound muffled and crackly on on my phone. It’s weird too since my HTC ONE S is rocking Beats Audio and I’m not running other programs in the background. Perhaps it’ll be fixed in a future patch.

My gripes aside, Arcane Legends is a pretty good MMORPG for your Android device. There’s a lot of content offered for free and the developers don’t really nickel and dime you with items, buffs, armor, and skills (unlike other mobile RPG’s) to gain an advantage over other players.

And I like that.

You can download Arcane Legends for free on Google Play.


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