Free To Play Fridays – DC Universe Online

I wanted to introduce you guys to new weekly series called Free to Play Fridays. Gaming is a very expensive hobby and there’s a lot of people (like myself) who can’t afford to buy games at $60 each. So every Friday I’ll be featuring games that are free to download and play, be it on the PC, gaming consoles, or mobile. This can include MMORPG’s, Indie adventure games, and retro classics. Should be a fun little series! I hope you guys like it.

This week, I wanted to feature DC Universe Online for PC and PS3.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a superhero or a super villain in the DC Universe? Ever fantasize fighting alongside the Justice League as they face their toughest opponents bent on destroying the world? Well, DC Universe Online allows you to create your very own superhero/villain, their own origin story, and their own unique power combinations as you choose your path towards being good or evil.

Find out more about DC Universe Online after the break.

Create your own character and join forces with other heroes and villains online.

DC Universe Online’s storyline goes like this: the superheroes and villains of the world are in a battle for supremacy in a war-torn Metropolis, unfortunately for the heroes, many of them fall in the hands of their nemeses culminating with the death of Superman by Lex Luthor’s hand. As Luthor and The Joker celebrate their final victory over the fallen heroes, Braniac and his invading fleet arrive on Earth to destroy it.

Luthor manages to survive the initial attack and fashions a time-machine sending him back to our present day to warn the heroes and villains of the impending invasion and to release “exobytes” stolen from Brianiac into the Earth’s atmosphere. Luthor released the exobytes to turn normal citizens into super-powered metahumans in order to create a massive army that can hopefully stand up against Braniac’s invasion.

Join the heroes, or the villains. The choice is up to you.

DC Universe Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to form teams and guilds to defeat story missions in PVE servers as well as other players in PVP worlds. Both servers allow players to battle AI enemies for loot and experience as well as instances, raids and story missions. The key difference between PVE and PVP servers is PVP players can attack or be attacked by a member of the opposing alignment.

Once you create your very own superhero, you’ll be able to choose a Mentor. You can choose between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman for superheroes, and Lex Luthor, Joker, Circe for villains. These mentors serve as your trainer, mission giver, and savior during the tutorial level. The mentor you choose dictates the type of quests and missions you’ll be given right after you finish the tutorial and start your own career in the DC Universe. Once you start your career, you’ll be able to take up one-off missions from NPC’s to clear out bands of bad guys, or go on story missions for bigger loot and experience.

Your choice of mentor dictates your missions and quest-giver.

DC Universe Online features unique, physics-based combat and gameplay where players could use items found in the world as weapons in addition to their own powers. Hell, you can even encase your oppnents in ice and use them as a weapon against their own kin. My own character uses a combination of assault rifles and fire-based power attacks; his rifles great for taking potshots at far away enemies and luring them in, then taking out their group with highly damaging fire attacks with pretty good area of effect (AOE).

Players who have the “Legendary” access membership can crreat their own Leagues (or guild) and invite people to join for raids, missions, and other group-based activities. Thankfully, anyone (free-to-play and paying subscribers) can join any League that they want. Within these Leagues, members can be ranked to distinguish between the veterans and the new recruits. Unfortunately, you can’t join multiple Leagues at the same time.

You’ll be able to visit iconic locations like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and more.

You’ll be able to go to iconic locations in the DC Universe, featuring the cityscapes of Metropolis and Gotham City. Within these cities are huge playable locations including Gotham City sewers, Arkham Asylum, Smallville, Stryker’s Island, LexCorp Tower and more. Of course, each alignment have their own main headquarters; heroes can visit the Justice League’s iconic Watchtower and villains can go to the Hall of Doom.

Finally, DC fans will note that the game features full voice-overs from the cult favorites Hollywood and voice-over artists.  Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy, Joker by Mark Hamill, Adam Baldwin as Superman, and James Marsters as Lex Luthor. Firefly (Joss Whedon) fans will also love that Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin are prominent voices in the game.

DC Universe Online is available (as Free-To-Play or paid subscription) on both PC and PS3.


Do you know of a free-to-play game that you would like to share with the JTM Nation? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. solid game! i have it on ps3 and pc. if your looking for console mmo, this ones the ticket…..but if ur a pc gamer then u good do better with the likes of guild wars 2 and swtor now going f2p.

  2. cyberfemmefatale

    What I really like about DCUO is that I can play it on my PS3, there aren’t many MMO’s available for console. There are so many free to play mmo’s for PC that it’s a bit overwhelming!

    • Hey Cyberfemmefatale,

      There’s actually another MMORPG on PS3 called Free Realms. It’s not as action-oriented as DCUO, but there’s a lot to do and experience. And best of all, it’s free!

      As well, DUST 514 is an F2P MMOFPS and that’s coming really soon.

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