X-Men For Android Review

Let me start this review by stating that I have fond memories of the X-Men arcade classic. I remember waiting in line to play with friends or with random strangers and spending endless amounts of quarters on the multiplayer game. It was one of the few arcade games that allowed four to six players to game at the same time.

X-Men for Android looks and feels like the arcade classic, unfortunately, inaccurate controls and horrible multiplayer features drag down the entire package. Read the full review after the break.

“X-Men welcome to DIE!” – Magneto

Like the XBLA and PSN, X-Men featured six characters from the famous mutant team including fan-favourite Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Dazzler. X-Men plays like other sidescrolling beat-em-ups; but what made the game special were the mutant powers each character performed at the cost of some health. For example, Wolverine lets loose a berzerker barrage-like combo, Cyclops fired a powerful optic blast, Nightcrawler performed teleport attacks, and Storm would unleash a tornado that would envelop and destroy her enemies.

It’s the same basic gameplay as the classic arcade game, but like I mentioned earlier, the on-screen controls mar the entire experience. I played X-Men on a phone with a decent-sized screen yet the directional pads were so damn small, and the boundaries too easy to pass that I had a lot of trouble moving my character. Other games allow you to continue moving even if your finger drifts past the control boundaries, for some reason X-Men requires the player to press EXACTLY on the small directional buttons on-screen. The jump, attack, and power buttons themselves are well-placed and were responsive enough, but when I have trouble just turning my character to attack the enemies behind me, then we’ve got a problem.

Dominate multiple opponents at once, if you can get past the horrid controls.

Since these types of games were made with multiplayer in mind, it only made sense for Konami to include a multiplayer feature. For some odd reason though, Konami chose to include a multiplayer mode that forced players to be on the same wi-fi network. To make matters worse, a player must input the IP address as well as the Port number to join a multiplayer game. When other games allow players to join others via the internet, this was a missed opportunity.

Curiously, X-Men is also missing the Japanese ROM feature that was available on the XBLA and PSN releases. While not a big loss, it would’ve definitely helped the game’s longevity, which is short already as it is; I beat the game in less than 30 minutes.


GRAPHICS – Thankfully X-Men’s emulation looked and played well. There was no slowdown or choppines as far as I could tell and it even supported 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions for both smaller and bigger phones. The game’s art replicates the look of X-Men comics at that time.

AUDIO – Like the graphics, audio emulation worked well. All of the music and awful voice-overs that you remember are in the game. Sound quality is worth noting too, I can’t help but feel nostalgic whenever I hear the music and the announcer yelling each character’s name.


+ Replicates the arcade classic look to the T
+ Only $0.99 cents.


– Awful multi-touch on-screen controls
– Multiplayer feature
– Cheap AI and enemies that deal instant death


Even at 99 cents, I wouldn’t recommend X-Men for Android. Yeah the game replicates the look and feel of the game, but its hard to find enjoyment when you spend most your time fighting the controls instead of the enemies on-screen. Not only that, for a game that’s traditionally multiplayer-focused, X-Men doesn’t even offer infrastructure play and forces players to be on the same wi-fi network. Good luck finding people to play with.

My recommendation? Get the XBLA and PSN version of X-Men: The Arcade Game instead.


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