PS Vita Firmware 2.0 Bringing PlayStation Plus to the Handheld

The next time you turn on your PS Vita and try to connect to the PSN, you’ll be prompted to download firmware 2.0 update which not only adds PlayStation Plus, it also improves on the web browser, adds new functions to the content manager, adds a few security patches, and introduces a new email app to Sony’s handheld. Firmware update 2.0 is the Vita’s biggest operating system update so far.

Hit the jump for more details about PS Vita’s 2.0 firmware update.

As we’ve reported before, PlayStation Plus will release later today (November 20) and the 2.0 update will allow players to download and play the six full games included in the Vita’s game collection. It also gives subscribers access to exclusive discounts, betas, themes, and avatars.

As for added and improved functionalties, firmware update 2.00 brings:

  • New “Email” app that allows multiple email accounts
  • Redsigned “NEAR” application to improve usability
  • Improved web browser functions (enhanced HTML5 & Java, display speed, Twitter support, allows access during gameplay)
  • Content Manager allows PC to Vita data transfer via Wi-Fi as well as photo/folder copying from PS3 and PC.
  • Map app now displays weather information
  • Trophy synchronization can now be run as a background process
  • Video playback now supports 1080p resolutions (w/slow motion and chapter skip functions)

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member on the PS3, you’ll have access to the PS Vita game collection and perks at no extra charge. Also, standard cloud saving capability, automatic updates, as well as the auto trophy sync will be added to your PSN account.

Which of the Vita’s 2.0 firmware update features are you most happy with? Let us know in the comment section below.

(Source: CVG)


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  1. This update is pretty cool. Not only does it speed up the browser but if you loo closely when opening any application, it opens about 50% faster too. they may have increased the clocking on both processors.

    To put it to the test I am going to play plants vs zombies survival endless and see if i experience any slowdown after the 20th flag. that will show me if anything else has improved.

    love the e mail too. I usually use the vita while i am away with work to skype the wife and watch movies and surf the net. now i can also check my e mail too 🙂

    Now all they need is a reader application to view word doccuments and PDF’s and i can actually use this sucker for work too lol

    gaming/business solutions all in one

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