Fruitiny iOS Review

This cutesy game from Totano Corp is making memory retention quirky and fun with a vintage feel. I am sure many of you remember the childhood card game of ‘Memory’; well, this is pretty much the same thing but without cleaning up the mess.

Fruitiny’s gameplay is simple enough to get a handle on without reading the instructions. You flip cards by ‘dragging’ your finger across the screen, revealing fruit, and before letting them flip over again you are to quickly select matching pairs by ‘tapping’. You receive points that boost your time bar with each pair of fruit. Unsurprisingly, the time bar will drop faster as you progress levels. But beware of the green monsters(?) under cards at certain levels as ‘tapping’ them will drop your time bar even more.

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Something to consider is the pudgy little man in the corner and his resemblance to Bub—the green dragon from Bubble Bobble, but in human form (Thank you Taito Corporation for being stuck in my mind for the last 20 years). This and the overall uncanny resemblance which Briano Casotto, creator and head of Totano Corp, aimed for is definitely a tribute to Fukio Mitsuji, creator of Bubble Bobble. Who didn’t/doesn’t love Bubble Bobble?

Fruitiny gave me at least a half an hour of fun. I could see this being enjoyable while waiting for transit, over a lunch break, or just as an excuse to waste time. Afterwards I was quickly bored with a “what to do now…?” left in my head. The card formations do change each time you play, but really, the screen is so small that it doesn’t matter. Maybe this is where the iPad’s size beats out the iPhone’s. Even with the formation changes it’s not something I would like to play on a daily, or even a weekly basis – even solitaire is more challenging and exciting.


GRAPHICS – The simple pixel block-style graphics that resemble late 1980’s arcade games, or the golden age of Japanese video games, works in Fruitiny’s favour. If this game had clean lines and a modern look, the gameplay would feel cold and not like a game at all.

AUDIO – Unfortunately Fruitiny has only one background song. For a simple midi, it’s not as annoying as one would think – and for many users, they will most likely be listening to their music anyway. The simple beeps while ‘tapping’ and ‘sliding’ over the cards wasn’t bothersome for me, but it was for a few people sitting next to me. Good thing there is an option to turn off music and sounds.


+ Easy to play
+ Only $0.99 cents.
+ Simple controls


– It doesn’t get ‘complex’ until you’re in level 50+.
– Repetitive


Despite Fruitiny being ‘affordable’ at $0.99, this simple game has no allure to keep you coming back. I’m always weary of paying for iOS games, and my thoughts were reassured after playing this. There are hundreds of iOS games with gameplay that will give you hours of multifaceted fun that are either free or the same price. Unfortunately, the only thing this game had going for it was its cute factor, and just like in real life, that fades too.


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  1. i know i loved bubble bobble!!!! whenever i see a game if memory i immediately think of the memory game in mario 3…..

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