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This week on Free to Play Fridays, we’ll focus on EA’s Battlefield Play4Free for PC.

Battlefield Play4Free is set in the modern theatre of war where Russian forces and American forces engage in all out battles for control. Players who are familiar with Battlefield will feel at home with Play4Free’s game mechanics, engine, and maps. It runs on your web browser too so even if you have a relatively old computer, you’ll be able to run the game (although with weaker graphics).

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Believe me, this is only one part of the customization options available in BF Play4Free.

You’ll create your character through an easy-to-use creation tool. There are 4 classes of soldiers to choose from: Assault, Medic, Engineer and Recon. Each with their own weapon sets, abilities, and equipment. As an additional customization feature, you can choose your soldier’s hair + hair color, facial features, and skin color. While it’s not as deep a customization feature as other, more recent multiplayer shooters, it does allow players to fashion their own soldier that looks different from everyone else’s.

Once you’ve created your soldier, you’ll have to install a plug-in that will allow the game to be played on most web browsers. Of course, since Battlefield is a huge game, there will be a mandatory install that thankfully doesn’t take too long. My install took about 15 minutes, and it was a seamless experience going from soldier customization to actual gameplay. The only time you actually have to wait is the loading screens whenever the server changes maps.


Battlefield 2 veterans will feel at home in Battlefield Play4Free.

When you do start playing the game, you’ll notice that it seems familiar to something you’ve played before; and you’d be right. Battlefield Play4Free is actually running on a modified Battlefield 2 game engine with additional graphical enhancements and post-processing effects. It also includes nine maps originally seen in Battlefield 2 including:

  • Sharqi Peninsula
  • Basra
  • Strike at Karkand
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Myanmar
  • Dragon Valley
  • Mashtuur City
  • Dalian Plant

The battles in these maps are as intense and as fun as you remember from Battlefield 2. The game supports up to 32 players simultaneously battles will always be fast and frantic, with the addition of multiplayer squad tactics and strategy that the Battlefield franchise is famous for.

Soliders level up through consistent play opening up new weapons, abilities, and battlefunds for use in the game’s store. Basically if you can imagine a combination of skills, weapon sets, and equipment, you can fashion it all together to build your own customized soldier. Everytime you level up, you’ll gain 1 Training Point which you can then use to earn special abilities including weapons, gadgets, and skills that help during combat. There are three tiers of skills and abilities to unlock, however you’ll need to level up and spend a certain amount on one tier before you can unlock a higher tier.


Take part in battles in the air, on the ground, and at sea.

Then there’s the vehicles, oh the vehicles! Battlefield Play4Free gives players access to over 16 devastating war machines ranging from tanks, APC’s, humvee’s and even fighter jets and attack choppers. If you’re a hardcore military nut like I am, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to take control of M1A2 Abrams tanks, BTR-90’s, AH-64 Apache and UH-60 Black Hawk, as well as F-35B Lightning and MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets. There are also machine gun, 50. Cal, and rocket emplacements all over the maps so you’ll always have access to heavy hardware when you position yourself and your squad properly.

I remember playing Battlefield 2 with my clan and coordinating base rush attacks with 1 attack chopper, 1 support chopper, 2 tanks, a few APC’s overwhelming the enemy’s base of operations. I was blown away that I was able to do the same things in Battlefield Play4Free. THIS IS NOT a stripped down version of the Battlefield you remember. I’m even confident to say that it’s actually better, has more depth, and plays better on machines regardless of their system settings.

EA isn’t skimping out on features here folks. You get a whole lot of game for free!

Online warfare this big has never been free and never been this amazing. If you love the Battlefield series and don’t have the resources or the system specs necessary to play Battlefield 3, you’ll want to sign up to Battlefield Play4Free. There’s a lot of fun to have here for free and a large, helpful community that decries going solo and happy to work together for a common goal. 

Here’s the link to start playing Battlefield Play4Free –


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