Metro Last Light “Survivors” Video Series + Gameplay Demo


If you were one of the millions that watched the Spike Video Game Awards last Friday, you may have seen the epic Metro Last Light cinematic trailer playing during one of the VGA’s commercial breaks. Well, you’ve only seen the first part. The story is actually continued in THQ’s Metro Last Light “Survivors” video series; videos told from the perspective the different survivors who experienced the beginning of the nuclear apocalypse.

And guess what, we’ve compiled each of the episodes for you here. Finishing with the full gameplay trailer THQ showed earlier this year. Hit the jump to watch the Metro Last Light Survivors Series.

Episode 1: The Preacher

The first video is about Preacher, the guy who yells out “Armageddon” in the first live-action Metro: Last Light trailer from a few months ago. In Preacher’s “Survivor” video, he reflects on the day that his prophecies became real and accepts his important role as a spiritual guide for the Moscow underground refugees.

Episode 2: The Model

This second video features a young woman who was once a rich, famous Russian model; unfortunately she has to sell her body in order to survive life underground.  It’s a rather dark and bleak video, but it’s extremely effective in conveying that Metro: Last Light is a unique experience.

Episode 3: The Commander

The third and final video in the series is about the Commander, the Russian officer you see in the very first cinematic trailer. He’s fallen on hard times and is treated like a dog by the Metro citizens. He closed the doors of the Moscow Metro on hundreds of people wanting to get in, now he’s called a traitor and a murderer and must pay for his crime.

In addition, THQ recently released their most engaging trailer for Metro Last Light, featuring a mix of gameplay and cg.  What’s also significant about the “Genesis” trailer is the offer of a free copy of Metro 2033 at the end.

And finally, here’s the full Metro Last Light gameplay Demo that was showed earlier this year:

JTM Thoughts

I’ve been a big fan of Metro 2033 since playing it for the first time on the Xbox 360 a few years ago. I’m definitely looking forward to it’s sequel in Metro Last Light. From the gameplay demos I’ve seen so far, this new game looks like it’ll be even scarier and bleaker than the original. Expect brutal firefights and edge-of-your-seat horror.


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