PlayStation ViTalk – Activision’s Blunder Can be Gameloft’s Gain


Hey JTM Nation, I wanted to introduce another new series of articles that I’ll be writing called PlayStation ViTalk, where I’ll be discussing/musing about all things PS Vita. This may include editorials, reviews, or just personal thoughts on what’s happening and what should/could happen to Sony’s portable beast.

Anyway, let’s start the first PlayStation ViTalk by getting that elephant out in the open. The PS Vita does NOT have any good first person shooters worth purchasing. Don’t believe me? Download the Resistance: Burning Skies demo or scour the internet for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified reviews, then get back to me.

Go on, I can wait.


Black Ops Declassified looks okay, but horrible AI and bare-bones gameplay/features hurts the entire package.

See here’s the thing, one of the reasons I bought my Vita is because I, like many PlayStation fans, was promised console-quality gaming on my handheld. And that includes first person shooters. Now if you were one of us who got taken in by Sony’s promises, you were probably picturing console-quality shooters with support for 16-players, innovative use of touchscreen controls, and smooth, repsonsive controls. (Because of the dual analog sticks)

I even wrote a list of eight features that a portable Call of Duty game should have on the Vita. Guess what, none of those were in Black Ops Declassified at all. What we got was a shell of a Call of Duty experience. It kind of looks like Call of Duty, but barely plays, sounds, and performs like a Call of Duty. I think IGN’s Colin Moriarty covers the issue pretty well in his latest editorial.

I was unlucky enough to buy Black Ops: Declassified on launch day for $39.99. From what I’ve played of Declassified, I felt ripped-off, cheated, and bamboozled not only by Activision, but by Sony as well. I am flabbergasted that Sony and Activision are asking people to pay premium price for a game that’s not even comparable in quality to Gameloft’s Modern Combat and N.O.V.A. franchises on the iOS and Android. I’ve been playing Modern Combat 3 and N.O.V.A. 3 on my iPod Touch and HTC One S and I found those titles to be a much superior experiences than Black Ops on the Vita; both Gameloft titles offered full console-like game experiences on my phone.


Gameloft’s Modern Combat looks and plays better, has more features, and is a hell of a lot cheaper than all PS Vita shooters.

I will say it again, PlayStation Vita owners have no great first-person shooters to call their own. As I suffered through Black Ops Declassified, I kept thinking to myself how great it would be if Gameloft capitalized on the Vita’s FPS-starved market by releasing their own shooter franchises as downloadable titles on the PlayStation Store for the same asking price as premium-priced iOS and Android games. ($4.99 – $6.99) And at that price, I guaran-damn-tee you that they’ll sell like HDTV’s at a Black Friday sale.

If you look at the top-selling games on the PlayStation Store, they’re’ almost always games like Retro City Rampage, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan; all are top-quality, decently priced games. Now imagine Gameloft stepping in with their successful mobile franchises with PS Vita controls and Gameloft Live support. I can safely say that even Kevin Butler wouldn’t be able to say no to that. I’d much rather buy those Gameloft titles than many of the incredibly expensive games available now on the PlayStation Store. And don’t even get me started on the games in PlayStation Mobile store, YIKES!


I’ve had more fun playing Modern Combat online on my phone than playing Black Ops Declassified on my Vita.

Activision’s blunder can be Gameloft’s gain, if Gameloft even sees the Vita as a viable platform. If they don’t, well can you really blame them? Sony’s insistence on proprietary technology as well as asking exorbitant amounts for their handheld games is really hurting them in the long run. I can’t even justify purchasing any more games on the PSN because they’re so damn expensive.

Why should someone shell out $39.99 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified when they can get the much better Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation or Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for mobile devices for 1/4 the price. Our standards are higher and our wallets are tighter. And that’s a bad combination for AAA handheld games.

Would you buy Gameloft shooters like Modern Combat 4 on the PlayStation Vita?
What’s an acceptable Vita game price point for you?


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  1. having played every shooter on the vita, i can safely say that i agree 100%. i thought that the reason they are asking so much for there games is because it takes as long to develop as most ps3 games and have just as big of a staff….but after playing through resistance burning skies, that just can’t be the case…..i would love to see the vita adopt some more games from the mobile market, its a perfect fit for the platform. but i still think the next gen is where vita will truly shine. the ps4 has to be built with the vita in mind right??

  2. i have modern combat 3, modern combat 4, and nova 3 on my iphone and i agree that they really are console quality games and i would buy each of them the second they came to the playstation store. they already have the first nova as a psn mini.

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