The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Free on iOS


Yesterday, Telltale Games announced that The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 1 is now free on iOS for a limited time. Winner of multiple Game of the Year awards, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is one of the most celebrated (and widely loved) point-and-click adventure games in recent years. It’s also a game whose story is tailored by player decisions. Each player’s story could be different from someone else’s.

And now it’s free on iPads and iPhones for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. The Walking Dead is an episodic game series that casts players as a new character in the Walking Dead universe; as Lee Everett, players will have to survive a zombie apocalypse with his rag tag group of survivors, including a little girl named Clementine. It’s up to Lee to keep his people safe not only from the undead, but from themselves and other dangers as well.

Read our full review of The Walking Dead: The Game, then learn more about the game on iOS and find the link for the free app after the break.


Players will meet a wealth of well-developed characters who act like real people facing extraordinary circumstances. The Walking Dead makes each of the player’s decisions important with each having short-term and long-term effects. Traditional good and bad alignments gets tossed out the window and it’s up to the player to make decisions based on their chances of survival.

Surviving may prove difficult since The Walking Dead is also a game that explores the darker side of human nature. And with apocalypse and extinction coming, the walking dead are not the only dangers players will find in the world. The game is less about fending off flesh-eating cannibals, and instead is an analysis of human nature in the most dire of situations.

Note that only Episode 1 is free; players can save 25% on additional episodes in The Walking Dead game series by purchasing the Multi-Pack [Episode 2-5 Bundle] via in-app purchase.

All 5 episodes are available via in-app purchase.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day is available free on iTunes:


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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to this. My iPod’s been collecting dust recently and I’ve been wanting a game to play on it that would keep me busy while waiting for the train in the mornings. This seems like the perfect gift for an all-you-can-eat zombie buff such as myself.

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