New Humble Indie Bundle 7 Includes Shank 2 and Indie Game The Movie


I love the Humble Indie Bundle series. Not only do gamers get a number of amazing games, they also get to help out Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The seventh Humble Indie Bundle features six games (including Shank 2) as well as the critically acclaimed Indie Game The Movie; the first film to be included in the Humble Indie series.

Find out Humble Indie Bundle 7’s full list of games, DLC, and soundtracks after the break.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes:

  • The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC
  • Closure
  • Shank 2
  • Snapshot
  • Indie Game: The Movie

In addition, if you pay over the average, ($6.38 as of this writing) you’ll also get:

  • Dungeon Defenders + all released DLC
  • Legend of Grimlock

That’s not all though, like the Humble Bundles before it, you’ll also get full soundtracks of the following games:

  • Dungeon Defenders: Original Video Game Soundtrack
  • Legend of Grimlock Soundtrack
  • Snapshot Soundtrack
  • Closure: Original Soundtrack
  • Indie Game: The Movie Soundtrack – Jim Guthrie
  • Shank 2 Official Soundtrack

All soundtracks are available in FLAC and MP3 formats. Still not convinced?

  • How about if I tell you that all of the games are DRM free and will work on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • How about if I tell you that when you purhcase Humble Indie Bundle, the money is divided between the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It’s up to you whom you want to give the money to.

When you purchase the Humble Indie Bundle 7, you’ll be able to help out the indie developers as well as donate to charities. If that’s not the best Christmas present to give to a friend, then I don’t know what is.


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