Boss Rush Mode Coming to Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2


Earlier today, Toronto-based indie developer EPX Games contacted JTM about a new mode coming to Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2 next week. Titled “Boss Rush Mode,” this new feature has players facing consecutive boss battles as an extra challenge. Just like a survival mode in other games, players will be awarded extra health and weapons if they survive each battle. I’ve also been told that weapons are quite limited in this mode, so planning and careful use is recommended.

Learn more about Night Whisper Lane after the break.

In case you haven’t heard of Night Whisper Lane, it’s a survival horror game that features point-and-click gameplay like Sierra games of yore. It also features a turn-based battle system that lets players strategize before attacking or defending against supernatural foes.

Check out our review of Night Whisper Lane for more information.

You can purchase Night Whisper Lane for your iOS devices on iTunes. Or, if you’re an android user, you can purchase it from directly from Google Play.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below:


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