Indie Spotlight – Slender Rising (iOS)


There’s no doubt that Slender was a bonafide indie PC hit. It’s a simple game that scared its players through effective use of atmosphere, tension, and an inescapable evil. There was no escaping Slender Man.

Hoping to cash in on its success, developers all over the world rushed to build on the Slender formula with varying quality. There’s definitely a large number of horrible Slender rip-offs, but once in a while talented indie developers get it right and create their own version that at times, surpasses the original. For example, Xbox Live Indie has White Noise, Android users have Slender Man: Episode 1 Alone, and finally iOS users have Slender Rising.

In many ways, I think Slender Rising is a much better game than the original Slender for the PC. Built on the Unreal Engine, it’s got the same terrifying atmosphere, tension, and creepy antagonist; however it also brings a lot of new and welcome additions to the formula. This includes the tight first person controls that’s unique to the touch-screen platforms, day and night modes, a creepy-as-hell night vision mode, and unique other game modes to keep each playthrough interesting.

Learn more about Slender Rising after the break.


In Slender Rising, you can control your characters movement by tapping on the location that you’d like them to walk towards. You’re free to look around using your thumb (a la mobile first person shooters). This type of control scheme is great because it opens up more space on the screen that would’ve been blocked by your thumbs if it had traditional controls. Of course, there are multiple control schemes so if you’re more comfortable with the traditional style, you’re welcome to that as well.

In Slender Rising, you can choose between two frightening locations. One is the ruins, and the other, a desolate town. Ruins has those familiar Slender locations like a wooded area, abandonned wooden sheds, and such. Desolate town though has a “Slender Goes to Town” vibe to it. It honestly had that empty and lonely Silent Hill feel to the entire location. Imagine this, Slender Man haunting your downtown area and you get the idea.


Another of Slender Rising’s cool features is it’s day and night modes. If you’re looking for a more traditional Slender scare, then the night mode is for you. However, you can also brave the fog-covered locations of day mode; I find this mode scarier since even the safety of daybreak cannot save you from Slender Man’s gaze.

In addition to those modes, Slender Rising also features two play modes including “Endless Stare” and “Chance to Escape.” Endless Stare is like a survival mode where you try to avoid Slender Man as long as you can whilst collecting as many pages as possible. Chance to Escape is the traditional Slender campaign where you earn your escape by collecting seven of his pages.

Slender Rising is available on the iTunes App Store for $1.99, but there’s a free version as well. You can find them here:

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Slender Rising below:


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