Growing With Timocco: Helping Children Overcome Disabilities Through Gaming


One facet of the game industry – and game development – that always fascinated me was the sector that adapts videogame technologies and trends to improve health research. You would be surprised to learn that research firms and organizations around the world devote time, resources, and manpower creating software and hardware that can help children with cognitive and motor function to cope with their daily challenges.

One such organization is Timocco, whose game “Growing With Timocco” employs motion-based control (not unlike Sony’s PlayStation Move) to help children develop learning and motor skills. Unfortunately with traditional therapy, some children may face frustration when they’re faced with slower progress; Growing with Timocco engages the children in a fun and interactive way while challenging them with games that focus on improving their personal abilities.

Learn more about Growing With Timocco and how it helps children overcome their disabilities after the break.


Growing With Timocco employs motion gaming to help children overcome disabilities and the challenges that they face everyday. Timocco’s non-competitive and non-violent game environment offers children the environment to enjoy themselves while unconciously improving their abilites including bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and more. And same as games like Dance Dance Revolution with losing weight, Timocco tracks the child’s physical progress as they play through the different mini-games. This is quite helpful for therapists as it helps them analyze and take note of the child’s progress.

Each of Growing With Timocco’s mini-games actually puts a focus on specific sets of abilities like the ones I mentioned above. Timocco comes with two coloured gloves (with a colored sphere on it) that is accurately tracked by the webcam. Again, similar to the technology used by the PlayStation Move, these coloured gloves + webcam act as the motion controller; the child’s hand movements are then translated onto the screen thus immersing them in the experience. Check out the attached video for a demonstration of each mini-game and the abilities that they foster through play.

What’s great about Growing With Timocco is it’s adjustable to fit a child’s specific needs and developmental stage. The game (Professional Plus Edition) is now being used by experts and parents (Home Edition) to help children with the following disabilities/disorders:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Pervasive Development Disorders
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Learning Disabilties

The game was developed in collaboration with experts within the fields of child development, psychology, and game development; it’s already gained a reputation internationally as an effective tool to help children with disabilities because

For Children – it allows children with disabilities to have fun whilst improving their cognitive functions and motor skills.

For Clinical ExpertsTimocco keeps full records of a child’s performance and provides full therapy analysis reports on the child’s progress.


One final thing, you know how crowd-sourcing has become quite the trend in game development lately right? Well that applies to Growing With Timocco as well. The game has a dedicated community of clinical professionals continuously provide data that shows  children are improving and that the results can be measured.

If Timocco interests you, or you know of parents or clinical experts who may benefit from the game, get in touch with the growing Timocco community or check out their website at


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